Part three of our Explore Berlin with The Circus series is a little bit different. We figured that, once you have explored the city’s blue and green landscapes, it might be a good time to give you a few options that are a little more…informative. Learning about a new city’s history is always a great idea, especially when it’s one with a history so dense and complex you might need more than one visit! Not that we’re complaining, we love having you anytime!

As a home away from home for Berlin visitors, we also love being your one-stop-shop for everything Berlin-related. And that includes exploring the city, of course, which is exactly why we created our signature Behind The Curtain program! Based on a carefully selected network of collaborations and designed to have “something for everyone”, it’s our way of showing you Berlin’s less crowded and more exciting corners we believe are very much worth exploring.

However, as you know, things are not quite “regular” these days and due to the situation we’ve been in since March, we had to put our BTC program on pause (cue crying smiley). But if there’s anything we are certain of in this time of uncertainty, then it’s that hard times are easier when we support each other. And today, we are doing exactly that!

Just because we can’t take you ourselves doesn’t mean you should miss out on our favorite Berlin tours. So, without any further introduction, here are our latest 3 things to do in Berlin this summer suggestions:

  1. Christopher Isherwood’s Cabaret Tour

Almost a hundred years have passed, and you still can’t get enough of The Roaring Twenties? Join the club! Or better yet, join Brendan around Shöneberg and experience Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin from the Weimar Era. You will learn about where Cabaret was born, what made it such a jaw-dropping concept and how it revolutionized cinematography. Every Saturday morning from Nollendorfplatz station, duration is around 80 minutes.

  1. Gallery Quest

About that whole “Berlin is an art hub thing” we mentioned earlier…it’s real! Join the quest of Berlin’s art scene and find out exactly what we mean. It’s such a unique opportunity to discover the incredible diversity and boldness of art found literally on every corner of the city. Happening every month on a Friday or a Saturday and available in multiple languages, these tours focus on a different neighborhood every time and turn gallery visits into true artistic adventures.

  1. Berlin’s Taiga Tours

For all of you Soviet history lovers out there, this tour has your name written all over it! Explore the complexity and denseness of Berlin’s Soviet History with your local experts for life behind The Iron Curtain! From the fall of the Third Reich, through the Soviet occupation, The Cold War and everything in between, it is a trip down memory lane that will have the hair on your neck standing up! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

So there you have it, three more reasons to add Berlin to your list this summer, and if you still need more, there’s a whole club of Berlin savvy people at our place, all you have to do is ask, we love helping you see Berlin through our eyes. Because from where we stand, the view is truly spectacular, so come by and see for yourself!