When people who visited Berlin talk about it, it usually involves some big numbers. First there’s the size of the city. 9 times Bigger than Paris and 5 times less dense, it’s a real monster city that will turn your walking tour into a real hike! But the low population density will add that magical effect that will make you feel like you have the city to yourself. Just please, avoid Alexander Platz, just…trust us. Thank you.

Then there’s the water. And this is where things get interesting. If you had to name a European city famous for its canals and waterfronts, you would probably say Venice or Amsterdam, maybe Stockholm, but it’s highly unlikely that Berlin would be the first thing that pops out of your mouth. Which is really strange when you think about it. Berlin has around 180km of navigable waterways and over 1.700 bridges! That’s more water than Venice, Amsterdam and Stockholm have together!

If you land in Berlin this summer (or any other summer in the foreseeable future), there are no excuses for ignoring all that water! And to make things easier, we are giving you exclusive-local-insider’s-mega-secret tips for making the most of it. Just kidding, but it’s worth reading on if you want to make your Berlin experience memorable.

Here’s a guide to having the best summer on Berlin’s water!

  1. Landwehrkanal on foot

Stretching from the famous Badeschiff all the way to Charlottenburg, it covers more than you can wrap your head around, and you’ll have to come back a couple of times before you can say you’ve really seen it like you oughta.

The Circus Recommends: Take the U8 from Rosenthaler Platz (which is conveniently located in front of us) to Kottbusser Tor, walk down Kottbusser Strasse until you see, well, water! Then pick which side looks nicer and start walking. When you get tired, stop at a späti, get a beer or a radler, sit on the grass and just…be. Blankets are a perk but not a must, and there are many spots for showwing off your grilling skills.

  1. Boat tours

If walking isn’t your thing and your idea of fun involves a lot of horizontal positions, then boat tours might be your jam. With countless organizers, boat types, routes and departure times, it’s easy to find your ideal match. With drinks and food serving on board, your only job is to sit back and watch a completely new side of Berlin unravel before you. Oh, and the ticket, you might wanna buy that before getting on board.

The Circus Recommends: Take the M1 tram from Rosenthaler Platz to Friedrichstrasse and stroll ver to Reichstagufer, most boats depart from some point of the street.

  1. Kayaking through the canal

If you never grew out of your hyperactive stage, kayaking will make you feel giddy like a kid at Disneyworld! Most popular is the Kayak Berlin, and the starting point is Carl-Herz Ufer, Landwehrkanal’s little corner where you can climb into your tiny kayak without getting run over by one of the boats we just told you about. It’s challenging, it’s fun, and it’ll show you how far your friends can push your patience.

The Circus Recommends: Take the U8 from Rosenthaler Platz to Schonleinstrasse, walk to Carl-Herz Ufer (it’s a really nice walk), hop on a kayak and bring a waterproof bag if you want to return home with the same phone you left with.

So there you have it, three breathtaking options and zero excuses to miss out on any of them! Now switch off that screen, grab your swimsuit and leave the gray behind, it’s time to see Berlin’s blue side!