Berlin Sessions

As much as we are all denying it, we are well and truly into autumn (there, I said it), and on that note, Berliners are spending as much time as possible outdoors. To mark the end of summer, we will be hosting the last courtyard concert at the hotel with our friends at Berlin Sessions.

This Friday, we have two excellent acts lined up. Antoine Villoutreix, a Berlin-based Paris native, weaves seamlessly in and out of many genres such as jazz, swing, reggae, and even classical music. Following Antoine, we have a Berliner through and through called Maxim Vaga. Maxim is known as the “New Blues Man” and is a locally known singer/songwriter and musician.

Doors open at 6.30pm, and the music will start at 7pm. As with all of our summer courtyard concerts, the gig will of course be free. See you all there! For more info, see the Facebook event.