It’s been only three months since the last application was submitted for this year’s Berlin Writing Prize, and we are already delighted to say that we have officially chosen a winner! Time does fly, especially in summer, and the workload has truly been of epic proportions! We received more papers than we can count, and it’s basically been reading hour on the hour all day long for weeks on end!

But the big day has finally arrived, and the winner is here to stay, both literally and metaphorically. The first refers to the wonderful book we can all look forward to, with the writings of our brilliant contestants, and the second is relate to the fact that she’ll be moving in with us, as the first prize winner gets to call herself a resident of The Circus Hotel for two months!

So who is the mystery winner you ask?

S. K. Perry is the name you’ll be looking for, and “A Wide Neon Yell” is the amazing piece of writing that made her the obvious choice for this year’s literary contest. We are very excited to welcome her as a resident at one of The Circus Hotel apartments, where we hope to inspire her writing and provide an oasis of tranquility that is essential for the writing process. The runner ups can also enjoy the unique space of The Circus Hotel, but for a slightly shorter time frame. They will be our honorable guests for two nights over the weekend of our prize-giving and anthology launch party on January 31st, 2020.

The remaining 7 writers will be receiving Reader Berlin goody bags and all of the ten shortlisted authors will be published in an anthology. As far as the launch of the actual book goes, we’ll keep you updated but you can expect January to be the month of great news for the readers’ community! In the meantime, you can look forward to the publishing of excerpts from the anthology online.

We are also going ahead with guessing you’d love to know which names made it to the entire list, so here it is!

Overall Winner:

A Wide Neon Yell – S.K. Perry

2 Runners Up:

Camel – Victoria Manifold

Circus Freak – Anbara Salam

7 Shortlisted Writers:

Apricot Stones – Chloe Gocool

Délphine – Eliza Robertson

On Bears: A Constellation – Sarah Van Bonn

One In Eight – Hannah Harper

The Plumage – Avrina Prabala-Joslin

Threshold – Angela Hughes

Ventimiglia – Nicholas Ruddock

And last but not least, to get the latest developments, make sure you are signed up to The Reader Berlin’s mailing list. Happy reading!