Traveling to big cities can’t go without a proper walking tour. But in Berlin, walking the city is unlike anywhere else. Why? Two words: street art. Because in Berlin, not only will you run into it on every other corner, it will take your breath away every time! So no need to go to an actual museum, just step outside, start walking and keep your eyes open. Amazement is guaranteed!

But, as it usually goes with art, not everything you come across will impress you the same way. Some murals of Berlin are practically celebrities, and you really don’t want to leave knowing you missed them. This is why we created a walking tour dedicated exclusively to “do-not-miss” murals you can find all over Berlin. It’s almost like a Pokemon go, where you’ll find yourself going into allies and backyards, looking around walls and corners, but way cooler!

As a warm up for the spring season when you’ll be able to join our Street Art Behind The Curtain Tour, here are a few cool examples of Berlin’s mural scene you can keep an eye out in the meantime.

The first one is rather new and is very close to us actually. What we love about it? The subtle critique of the selfie culture we’ve all witnessed take over the world since the invention of front cameras on phones. It won’t come as a shock to see that it shows a girl taking a, what? A selfie! It’s bold, it’s attention grabbing and it’s on Schönhauserallee, just before it turns on to Torstrasse.

The next one isn’t that close but it’s almost everyone’s favorite. To catch it, you’ll have to do a bit of exploring, since it’s in the back of a building, but it’ll be totally worth it, we promise! To spot it just go to Wilhelmstrasse 7 in Kreuzberg, go around the back and get blown away.

Another unmissable wall mural of Berlin is an actual part of the East Side Gallery, the longest stretch of the former Berlin Wall still standing today. It’s probably the most photographed mural on the nearly 1km long “gallery” of murals, and for a reason. Just go to Warschauerstrasse and walk along the painted wall until you reach it. It’s about half way down.

The list really goes on for days, and honestly you could spend weeks trying to discover them all and those weeks would definitely not be wasted! Which is exactly why we’ve created the special tour that’s a part of our Behind The Curtain program available only to guests of The Circus. Starting in April, you can join Richie, our Apartments Manager, for a guided tour around his favorite spots, together with some fun facts to make the experience more interesting.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re already here, get out and explore, and if you’re not, book that April ticket already! And in the meantime, because we know April is really far away, follow this amazing Streetart Map, it won’t disappoint! You can thank us later.