Hunger is a sneaky little monster. It can creep up on you totally unannounced and turn you from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hangry faster than you can say “Feed me!”. Your friends and family are the usual collateral victims of this horror story, and you might find yourself alone on the following day wondering what you did to deserve treated that way.

To make things worse, vegans usually have way less options than vegetarians or omnivores. Growing in numbers but still a minority in the restaurant world, vegans often struggle to find options that will satisfy all of their daily needs. Luckily, we are located in what seems to be Berlin’s vegan hub neighborhood – Mitte! So, to help make your life a bit easier and save your time doing research on Google maps, here are 5 amazing restaurants that will take you around the world with authentic cuisines without any compromises!

And the best part? They are all 5-10 minutes walking distance from us! Yep, it’s gorgeous, it’s delicious and it’s convenient! And to end it all in style, our Microbrewery at The Circus Hostel serves a bunch of vegan friendly drinks (just steer clear of the Panther Milk).

Let’s start, we know you’re hungry.

  1. Daluma – Weinbergsweg 3

Literally next door to us, their food is as amazing as their interior. With an atmosphere to match the deliciousness of their food, it’s the perfect place for breakfast or lunch, even a light dinner! From poke and smoothie bowls to luscious salads and cold pressed juices, they’ve got it all. And if you don’t have a second to spare, they’ve also got a huge selection of take-away stuff. Because they know Berlin is big and time is short!

  1. Chen Che – Rosenthalerstrasse 13

Hidden in a backyard halfway between us and the stunning Hackescher Markt, it’s a gem waiting to be discovered! A beautiful combination of a tea house and a vegan restaurant, it will make you rediscover Asian cuisine. With a menu designed for sharing and an atmosphere you’ll melt into like the food in your mouth, the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to have!

  1. Superfood & Organic Liquids – Weinbergsweg 23

Across the street from Daluma, it’s another spot that will make you want to frame your dish. Chia bowls, sour dough buckwheat toasts, superfood smoothies, you name it, they’ve got it! The taste matches the looks, and there’s no hidden sugar to worry about! Once you’re done devouring all that deliciousness, just walk two steps to Weinbergspark and soak up the last rays of summer sunshine!

  1. W der imbiss – Kastanienallee 49

Forget everything you think you know about fast food, this imbiss is unlike any other in Berlin! Self-proclaimed as Indo-Mexi-Cal-Ital, it’s the spot for those of us who are too indecisive for our own health! With an endless variety, it offers something for everyone, making it an ideal pit-stop for groups. If you manage to snatch an outside table, you’ll be enjoying your food with a view, since it’s right next to Zionkirsch, the breathtaking and iconic gothic church on the border of Mitte and Prenzlauerberg.

  1. Dolores – Rosa Luxemburgstrasse 7

Can we just be honest for a second? Everybody loves burritos. Seriously. Even if you think you don’t, deep down…you know you do. So, a list of restaurants that doesn’t give you at least one Mexican option is a list we are not willing to accept. So here’s one with burritos that not only knock it out of the park, they do it while staying vegan! On the way to Alexanderplatz, and with burritos the size of your head, you can fuel up for a day of exploring and keep Mr Hangry at a safe distance for hours. Their guac is literally to die for! And they make their own beer. Do we really need to say more?

Now let’s eat!