Remember the times when staying at most hotels meant compromising on food? Well, 2020 is here and we can safely (and gladly) say that the days of breakfast buffets and heavy sit-down meals are a thing of the past. Hotel gastronomy is shifting fast, and it is about to turn your expectations upside down. Welcome to the era of hotel Food&Beverage revolution!

But wait, what does that have to do with The Circus Hotel?

After welcoming guests for 12 years, we’ve gone through all the trials and tribulations of all the different concepts hotel gastronomy has to offer. From traditional cuisines and breakfast buffets to all day brunching and late-night cocktails, every change we ever introduced was driven by our guests’ reviews and fueled by our constant hunger for innovation. Today, we are recreating The Circus Hotel’s food & beverage offer with the guiding hand of the man who united two concepts you’d think impossible to unite: fast food and gourmet dishes! Yes, we are talking about Felix Mielke.

Known as the trailblazer who left the kitchen of Le Faubourg after 7 years and ventured out into the untapped potential of upscale fast food, he recently opened Schüsseldienst, bringing to life his unique “restaurant quality food meets street stall vibe” idea. His dishes are creative as they are delicious, and every bowl he makes is infused with his passion for food. Talk about tasting the love!

But it doesn’t end there.

In case you follow food trends, you might know that this year’s biggest focus will be on sustainability, innovation and art. Yes, art. Because it is no longer enough that food tastes good – it must look good as well! And if you know The Circus, you also know design is in the core of everything we do, and if you’ve ever been to Schüsseldienst, you understand why we put Felix in charge of the kitchen of the new and improved The Circus Hotel! His dishes look as good as they taste, and his ingredients are sustainable and of the best quality money can buy.

It should also come as no surprise that a hotel in the heart of Berlin’s neighborhood of Mitte is engaging in such a project. After all, it is Berlin that has been setting the tone for the future of vegan food, as well as reinventing cooking related terms like fusion and authenticity. Practically considered to be the European capital of veganism, it wasn’t so long that Berlin took on the challenge of turning sustainable food into a true work of art. And succeed it definitely did! Whether you love vegan food or not, Berlin will without a doubt satisfy your palate.

You might also like to know that in addition to the food and beverage offers, we will also be expanding the space of the restaurant area, meaning that after the relaunch of The Circus Hotel, staying with us will mean you will get to enjoy Rosenthalerplatz in a whole new way, with incredibly delicious food as a very welcome bonus!