Traveling today is easier than ever. With the right planning you can get almost anywhere, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a year saving up for that one exotic trip you are dying to make. With the right planning and good timing, you can cross half the world before that evil minus symbol starts appearing next to your account balance. Yet, as much as saving feels great, it’s not all about the money.

Because traveling is about experiences. Mind-blown yet, are you? But seriously, as obvious as it seems, there’s an art to knowing how to stretch your dollar (euro, pound or peso) without compromising on the experience. In short, you can have your trip and enjoy it too!

Let’s get factual. When planning the next getaway, most of us prioritize the things we are going to do or see. And when budget is tight, sacrifices must be made. But ask any experienced budget traveler, and most of them will tell you that lower prices don’t necessarily mean lower quality. We are here to try to prove that.

Here are 3 ways we believe you can save money without compromising on comfort:

  1. Plan ahead with a twist

As much as it seems like a no-brainer (just book well in advance), planning ahead can be a complicated and strategic task that requires a lot of little hacks that can help you make the most of it. For instance, when it comes to plane tickets, earlier doesn’t always mean cheaper. Different low-cost companies structure their discounts in different ways. Not to mention the huge role those damn cookies play! This is when your friends come in handy. See, once you’ve entered a location and a date, the system picks up on your device and then you’re basically tagged. You showed interest in booking so next time you do the same search the price is suddenly up. Ring a bell? The best way around this is to do your research on one device, and once you are ready to book switch over and finalize the booking on a different one. See the price difference? You’re welcome.

  1. Hostels just got way better

The boutique wave seems to be flooding the world of accommodation, and the most popular hotels these days seem to fall straight into this category. That’s probably because boutique hotels have a way nicer design and a lot more soul than your average part-of-a-chain one. And by joining this category, hostels are proudly shedding the more-affordable-but-not-so-nice-to-stay-at stereotype. Still cheaper than hotels, but offering way more than a bunk bed and a locker, boutique hostels provide the perfect mixture of comfort and convenience.

And people are noticing. They’ve gained so much attention, in fact, that a book about them just came out! Including luxury hostels from all over the world, it gives you a nice variety to choose from with fun facts that show what makes each of them unique. The aim? Make planning easier. Because you have enough on your plate already, figuring out tickets and sights. Written by an expert in wallet friendly traveling, the  budget traveller himself, it’s a “from the people for the people” kind of knowledge sharing.

You can buy yours here and it looks like this:

  1. You should always book direct

Yeah, we’ve been chewing on that one for quite a while now, but that’s because booking direct really is the best way to do it! Like with everything else in life, direct communication is the best policy (or was it honesty, never mind, you get the gist). We can only speak for ourselves, but when you book directly with us you really get the best price, the best availability and full flexibility. Not to mention our staff is amazing! Yes, we just gave ourselves a compliment. Deal with it.