TOUR: Behind the Curtain and backstage at the Deutsche Oper
2:30 pm
Theater fans! Discover the secrets behind the curtain of the Deutsche Oper, one of Germany’s premier opera houses. This exclusive tour will take us through the auditorium, the props store and the costume room, as[...]
EXPLORE: The Circus’s Neighborhood Craft Beer Tour
7:00 pm
Join Cesar, craft Beer aficionado and resident expert from our good friends @ “Original Berlin Walks” for fun and friendly neighborhood craft beer tour exclusive for Circus guests. Visiting three locations specialising in craft beer you[...]
TOUR: A journey through Berlin’s Film and Music Heritage
10:00 am
From Marlene Dietrich to David Bowie, the world`s biggest film festival to a groundbreaking orchestra, Berlin really is a world center for cinema and music of all kinds. This three-hour tour takes a sideways look[...]
Explore: Circus Neighborhood Walk – The Scheunenviertel
10:00 am
Join Circus entertainment manager Andrew on a short neighborhood walk and introductory orientation of the local area. On the walk you will discover some of the highlights of the “Scheunenviertel” – a historic area of[...]
TOUR: Access to Secrecy. Exhibition and Stasi Archive Tour
10:15 am
The grounds of the former Stasi headquarters, now Campus for Democracy, was once the centre of power for the East German secret police. What role did the archive play in the system of surveillance? Who[...]
TOUR: Tempelhof Airport Unlocked – Architecture and History
10:15 am
Join us as we unlock the gates of Tempelhof Airport to get inside one of Berlin’s most interesting buildings and symbol of its dark and turbulent past. A classic example of National Socialist architecture, Tempelhof[...]