Explore: Circus Neighborhood Walk–The Scheunenviertel
10:00 am
Join Circus entertainment manager Andrew on a short neighborhood walk and introductory orientation of the local area. On the walk you will discover some of the highlights of the “Scheunenviertel” – a historic area of[...]
TOUR: Access to Secrecy. Exhibition and Stasi Archive Tour
10:15 am
The grounds of the former Stasi headquarters, now Campus for Democracy, was once the centre of power for the East German secret police. What role did the archive play in the system of surveillance? Who[...]
TOUR: Walk the Berlin Wall with Local Author Paul Scraton
10:00 am
Paul Scraton is the co-author of the book ‘Mauerweg: Stories from the Berlin Wall Trail’, published to coincide with the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down in November 1989. Paul will talk about the[...]
Explore: Karen’s hunt for Berlin’s best Ice-cream
12:30 pm
Want to explore the streets of Berlin through the lens of a bona fide ice cream addict? I mean, who else do you know who’s written a masters degree thesis on ice-cream? Well our Karen[...]
TOUR: Berlin Olympic Stadium – History & Architecture
10:00 am
This 120-minute behind the scenes tour brings you close to the fascinating history of German sports and architecture. In addition to the areas not open to the public at the Olympiastadion Berlin you will also[...]
TOUR: Neighborhood Foodie Walk – The Hot spots of Kreuzberg
11:00 am
Join Local food aficionado Sam from “Bite Berlin”, as we explore the vibrant districts of Kreuzberg & Neukölln, tasting delicious fare off the beaten track. Along the way we will visit a selection of neighborhood favourites including markets & foodie gems[...]
EXPLORE: The Circus’s Neighborhood Craft Beer Tour
7:00 pm
Join Circus Hostel Bar manager and craft Beer aficionado Callum Hunter for this exclusive bar tour for Circus guests. Visiting three locations specialising in craft beer you can learn about the art of craft beer brewing,[...]
EXPERIENCE: Fly Over Berlin with the Circus Crew
10:00 am
Join us for a scenic flight over the city of Berlin in a four seat Cessna 172. There are 2 to 3 seats available and Tilman is happy to take you with him! We meet[...]
Experience: Animal Magic! Exclusive After-hours Private Tour of Berlin Zoo
5:30 pm
This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, enjoy the magic of the Berlin Zoo, after closing time! After all the regular visitors have gone home, the zookeeper will open the gates for our lucky guests and[...]
EXPLORE: Discover Hidden gems of Kreuzberg’s bar scene
7:00 pm
Join Samira on a tour of Berlin’s best night life neighborhood – Kreuzberg! An experienced clubber and night owl, she’ll take you to the favorite drinking spots of locals. You’ll hear stories from her days of partying and[...]
TOUR: Explore the post-industrial creative neighbourhood of Wedding
10:00 am
Join us for a walk through a district that was once Berlin’s industrial heartland and home to the communist movement that gave it the name ‘Red Wedding’, a place that has the highest number of[...]
TOUR: Soviet Potsdam – A Walk through Cold War History and Soviet Occupation
10:00 am
Potsdam is a small, but historically rich city – together with Berlin it was the center of Prussian power. It was also of enormous importance to the Soviets. In the summer of 1945, the Potsdam[...]