EXPLORE: Karen’s Hunt for Berlin’s Best Ice-cream
1:00 pm
Want to explore the streets of Berlin through the lens of a bona fide ice cream addict? I mean, who else do you know who’s written a masters degree thesis on ice-cream? Well our Karen[...]
TOUR: Visit the Berliner Dom – Architecture and History
9:45 am
Join us as we take a look into one of the city’s most striking buildings – the Berliner Dom. On this tour of the Cathedral we will learn all about its history and architecture. In[...]
ART: Visit the Boros Collection inside Berlin’s iconic “Bunker”
11:15 am
This place is harder to get into than Berghain! The Boros Collection is one of the most fascinating and popular contemporary private art collections worldwide, housed in a WW2 bunker.  Join the Circus as we[...]
TOUR: Neighborhood Foodie Walk – The Hot spots of Kreuzberg
11:00 am
Join Local food aficionado Liz from “Bite Berlin”, as we explore the vibrant districts of Kreuzberg & Neukölln, tasting delicious fare off the beaten track. Along the way we will visit a selection of neighborhood favourites including markets[...]
TOUR: Explore the Topography of Terror and stories of Nazi Germany
9:15 am
Join us as we are taken through the award-winning exhibition ‘Topography of Terror’. Here we will get not only an introduction to the exhibition, but also gain a deeper understanding of the five themes presented,[...]
ACTIVITY: Day and Night Kayak Tour  - The Canals of Kreuzberg
4:30 pm
On this unique experience, we tour the canals of Berlin and discover Berlin by boat, seeing Berlin neighbourhoods Kreuzberg and Neukölln from a whole new perspective, as we journey from day to night. Please note[...]
Explore: “Sustainable Future of Fashion” Tour
2:00 pm
Join Marcela from “The Green Fashion Tours”  as we take a neighborhood walk to discover the world of  sustainable concept stores and fashion & jewellery designers in Berlin Mitte. Get a glimpse into the local[...]
Explore:Circus Neighborhood Walk–The Scheunenviertel
10:00 am
Join Circus entertainment manager Andrew on a short neighborhood walk and introductory orientation of the local area. On the walk you will discover some of the highlights of the “Scheunenviertel” – a historic area of[...]
TOUR: Behind the Curtain and backstage at the Deutsche Oper
2:00 pm
Theater fans! Discover the secrets behind the curtain of the Deutsche Oper, one of Germany’s premier opera houses. This exclusive tour will take us through the auditorium, the props store and the costume room, as[...]
TOUR: Exclusive guide through the Stasi Prison
2:00 pm
The Stasi Prison at Hohenschönhausen was an important part of the Ministry for State Security’s repressive actions against the people of the German Democratic Republic. We will be joined by local guide, who will take[...]
TOUR: The former concentration camp Sachsenhausen
9:15 am
Join Circus team member Toni as he takes you to the harrowing former concentration camp at Sachsenhausen, just on the outskirts of Berlin. Learn all about the history of the site, created by Hitler to[...]
Talk: Homecoming – A Jewish Australian in the GDR
6:00 pm
We are very excited to be once again hosting an eyewitness history talk in cooperation with the ZeitZeugenBörse, Berlin’s centre for witness to contemporary history. The ZZB has been bringing together eyewitnesses to different periods[...]