Jared holds a very special place at The Circus. He was a part of our crew for 17 years, he ran The Circus Microbrewery while it was still called Goldman’s (yes, it’s is his last name in case you were wondering) and was in the heart of The Circus Hostel Crew. But then the wind of change hit and changed his life around.

Little did he know – his running career was about to begin.

It started out as a hobby, but it quickly turned into a passion. Today, you’ll find Jared running marathons and long-distance routes all over the world. And it was one of this routes that turned his attention towards Belarus, the birthplace of his ancestors and the place where his running passion will get true purpose. Being an endurance runner, Jared decided to get closer to his roots by running the incredible distance of 230km from Minsk to their birthplace!

It all started when he got in touch online with the runners’ community of Belarus. Eventually, one of them told him the story of Dmitry, who is a part of the Wings of Angels organization that is dedicated to improving lives of children with disabilities. Although they only met online, Dmitry’s story was so powerful that it touched Jared deeply. Inspired by his own daughter who was born with cerebral palsy, Dmitry’s passion for running and the love he had for his child merged into a beautiful project that we are so happy to be a part of!

The newest charity project we are starting is a team effort in its truest meaning. Being a part of The Circus family for so long, Jared knew just how big we are on giving back and that at The Circus – there is always an ongoing charity project. So he reached out to us and told us all about his idea for the new charity project.

We jumped onboard immediately, and today we are proud to say that we have officially started collecting donations for a special chair that enables children with disabilities to have an active lifestyle. Securing just one of these chairs will improve these children’s lives significantly, especially those who live in an active environment like the runner’s community Jared found in Belarus.

The complexity of the chair’s design and the fact that it has to be hand made are the main reasons behind its high price. Making sure that the product is durable, functional and safe is a priority, especially given the delicate use it will be put into. Our final aim is to collect 3.600€ for the purchase of one of these special chairs that will be donated to Wings of an Angel.

If you’d like to donate, we invite you to do so by visiting our Charity page on The Circus website, or get in touch with Jared through his website, as both are connected to the charity project. We will be updating you on the status, so make sure you follow our blog, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!