When your team consists of more nationalities, languages and cultures than you can count, many extraordinary things can happen. You might develop a hybrid vocabulary built on a combination of slangs from Italy, Venezuela and Lithuania. Or maybe you know the dates of both Chinese and Jewish New Years without witnessing either of them. Or, like it happened this time, you get a unique opportunity to make a difference in the most eastern corner of Russia!

Which takes us to Vladivostok, hometown of Ljuba, the girl behind ostPost Café – a cafe, library, bookstore and venue for creative events! She’s been a part of The Circus crew for longer than we can remember and, as the Djibouti project slowly came to its end, she was just in time with inspiration for the next one. We, of course, jumped on the opportunity and our latest charity project came to life as we munched on Ljuba’s delicious Russian pancakes!

Because today, our Orphans of Vladivostok project is getting a new helping hand! Meet Crimson Lotus, the signature cocktail created to raise funds for the expansion of an orphanage in Vladivostok. A light and refreshing gin and elderflower infusion, the name fits the drink perfectly. Rich pink color, sweet and mysterious, summery and refreshing. And the best part? It’s for a good cause!

Drinking responsibly just got a whole new meaning!

We chose this approach after having great success with The Sparrow Home project’s Thai Breeze cocktail initiative. Like with Crimson Lotus, all proceedings from the cocktail went straight into our charity donations box, helping us reach the project’s goal! Read more about it here.

This time around, we are aiming to provide an extension to the building of an orphanage in Vladivostok. So, the next time you find yourself at The Circus Microbrewery debating on a cocktail, it’s good to know that with Crimson Lotus you’ll be enjoying more than the obvious benefits. You’ll be contributing to a better future for orphans in Vladivostok!

And those of you practicing abstinence from alcohol can take the better known (and less tasty) route of donating – via bank transfer. Just type in the following details:

Account Holder: Becker, Digel, Göppert, Hadfield, Hierath The Circus GbR

Keyword: Vladivostok

IBAN: DE25 1005 0000 0190 5941 28