Charity at The Circus

Here at The Circus, we believe in giving back. Over the years, we have supported several integration projects in Berlin and charities across the world. In the last couple of years we’ve raised €8000 that were used to build a water well for Bully in Gambia, €4,000 for Sparrow Home Bangkok and successfully collected funds to sponsor the education of young people in Mongolia.

For more details about our current projects, just keep reading!

Help us raise money for the victims of the Beirut explosion- ongoing project

After the devastating explosion that took place in Beirut’s harbor on Tuesday, August 4th, and following months of economic and political decline, an estimated 300.000 people are left homeless and countless lives have been affected. In a spontaneous act of solidarity, people of Beirut whose homes were left intact have been opening their doors and offering shelter to the less fortunate ones.

Together with the help of the Circus’ very close friend and colleague, Rani al Rajji, a Beirut citizen, architect, bar owner we are raising money and organizing a street kitchen and psychological counseling to help locals deal with the trauma in any way he possibly can. The project has already started, and is aiming to aid the citizens in any way they need.

Please join our efforts to help Rani raise funds and support the people of Beirut in this challenging time. The ability of the state to provide assistance is currently limited in their ability to organize and cover the essential needs of those effected. We are therefore hoping to, together with your generous donations, lend a helping hand and give the people of Beirut a much needed support system.

The Circus is making a direct donation to the cause, and we are extremely grateful for any help you can put aside for this purpose. The Circus guarantees that 100% of all proceedings will go directly to the fund. The matter is urgent, and the people of Beirut are in desperate need of support in the aftermath of the accident. Please donate and help us bring some hope directly to those who need it most.

Please send all donations to the following account:

Account Holder: Becker, Digel, Göppert, Hadfield, Hierath The Circus GbR

Keyword: Street Kitchen Beirut

IBAN: DE25 1005 0000 0190 5941 28



Helping the Zelter Pate homeless support center – ongoing project

Our newest charity program is a local project and a direct result of our close relationship with ZelterPate – a homeless support center located just around the corner from us in Prenzlauer Berg. For the last 15 years, Zelter Pate’s day-care center has been on a mission to help people who are homeless, threatened by homelessness, permanently unemployed or live on the margins of society for other reasons.

The center offers its visitors free breakfast or lunch, showers, laundry facilities, and a computer room free for use. In addition to all that, they organize various activities, such as excursions, table tennis tournaments or play-afternoons. Their entire staff are trained specialists and the neighboring rooms to the day care center offer help with social counseling and counseling for housing.

All donations are greatly appreciated, whether through the following bank account or placed in the charity boxes at The Circus receptions that support their amazing work.

Account Holder: Becker, Digel, Göppert, Hadfield, Hierath The Circus GbR

Keyword: Homeless Berlin

IBAN: DE25 1005 0000 0190 5941 28



Active future for children with disabilities in Belarus – project completed

The newest charity project is a team effort in its truest meaning! We have teamed up with our old friend Jared, and as of today, we are officially starting the collection of donations for a special chair that enables children with disabilities in Belarus to have an active future.

It all started when Jared got involved in the running community of Belarus and met Dmitry, who is a part of the Wings of Angels organization dedicated to improving lives of children with disabilities. Inspired by his own daughter who was born with cerebral palsy, Dmitry’s passion for running and the love he had for his child merged into a beautiful project that we are so happy to be a part of!

Our goal is to collect 3.600€ for the purchase of one of a special chair that will be donated to Wings of an Angel. Please help us give children with disabilities a better life!

All donations are greatly appreciated, whether through the following bank account or placed in the charity boxes at The Circus receptions.

Account Holder: Becker, Digel, Göppert, Hadfield, Hierath The Circus GbR
Keyword: Belarus
IBAN: DE25 1005 0000 0190 5941 28

Education against poverty in Mongolia – project completed

Our next project sees The Circus teaming up with lovely people from the Swiss charity Bayasgalant. For 15 years they have been active in helping under privileged children, youth and families in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. A team of twenty locals are currently offering 75 children between the ages of 2-6 years old a place in Kindergarten which allows them to simply be kids instead of being left a home alone or having to look after younger siblings. Another 100 kids mostly from the poorest of neighborhood and mostly living under the poverty line of one dollar a day are being offered chance to rejoin the school system through a day care center.

These kids aged between 6 and 17 have often missed years from school and this their only chance to get back into the system. Finally, there are 11 youths who are in further education so that they can learn a trade or even later go to university. It is the big ones that Bayasgalant have asked us to help with.

Our goal, with your help, is to raise €4.400 to pay for all of them half a year tuition fees. All donations are greatly appreciated, whether through the following bank account or placed in the charity box found at The Circus Berlin receptions.

Let’s give the children of Mongolia a break out of the poverty trap!

Orphans of Vladivostok – project completed

This time, The Circus is heading to Vladivostok, a Russian city so far East it’s closer to Japan than Moscow! And the one who set it all in motion is Luba, the owner of ostPost, a unique café serving eastern delicacies in the ground floor of our Apartments building. She’s been a member of The Circus team for a long time and we are thrilled to join her for this project with a cause!

Although living in Berlin for years, Luba’s heart is still in her home town of Vladivostok. Thanks to her initiative, we are now collecting money to build an extension for an orphanage called KPDRVL  in short and Краевой психоневрологический дом ребенка  in long (time to brush up your Russian). They are in urgent need of an additional structure for storage purposes…so we are building them one!

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated so generously, you have helped us reach our goal of providing a better life for the children of this orphanage in Vladivostok!

From Berlin to Djibouti: Football – project completed

The small East African country of Djibouti is one that has accommodated over 40,000 refugees from the ongoing Yemeni civil war. One of the problems identified at the Merkazi refugee camp is that there is nothing for the young people do. Then the idea was born and not too far from home…… Football.

And today we are happy to announce that we’ve successfully received enough donations to build a football pitch and supply all the necessary equipment for the camp of Merkazi!

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated so generously, you have helped us reach our goal of providing a better life for the people living at refugee camp of Merkazi in Djibouti!

The next project takes us far East, all the way to the Pacific coast of Russia, where we are helping an orphanage in Vladivostok build a much needed storage house. Keep up with the progress on our blog, and for details on how to donate just look up!

Update: Due to permission restrictions, proceeds raised from this project were sent directly to the Help Children in Yemen 

Sparrow Home Bangkok – project completed


Sparrow Home Bangkok provides temporary accommodation for kids aged between 1 and 7 who were born in prison and are waiting for their mother/father to be released. Care is provided in a family style environment and Sparrow Home Bangkok supports visits to the mothers and fathers and also pays for the education of the older children in their care.

Our goal was to raise €4.000 and support the eight kids who are currently living in the care of the Sparrow Home Bangkok. We are very happy to say that with your help this goal has been achieved!

Read more about the Sparrow Home project here or on our blog.

From Berlin to Gambia: Water well in No-Kunda – project completed


Bully has been plating up some excellent cuisine in The Circus Hotel for over seven years, and became an integral part of our Circus team, but more importantly, of our Circus family. When we found out about Bully’s family situation in his home village No-Kunda, in Gambia, we didn’t hesitate and decided we will help Bully’s family. In rural areas of Gambia it is common for only half the population to have access to clean drinking water. This, in turn, results in many health-related problems, and of course high infant mortality rates.

Each time Bully visited home, it was harder and harder for him to deal with the fact that he is living in a country where water is aplenty, and his family and relatives at home in West Africa, do not know when or where their next safe water supply will come from.

Together with Hand-in-Hand, our partner organization, we were able to collect €8.000 and finance the building of the well, which makes us really proud! Big thanks to everyone who donated for this cause. Read more about this wonderful fundraising project on our blog.