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The Circus is trying to change the world for the better – little by little. We’re always looking for interesting projects that are somehow connected to one of the Circus staff members or to Berlin. We feel that this way we get to know our city and our staff members better. Over the years, we have supported integration projects in Berlin and built a water well for Bully in Gambia, for which we were abled to collect 8,000 euros. Our recent project is to raise money for Sparrow Home Bangkok which was founded by the mother of Julia Stone, who was part of the Circus Design team and now works as a freelance designer. We will support the eight children currently living in the Sparrow Home for one year. This means that we have to raise 4,000 euros, and we’d be very grateful if you support this great project. Of course, all donations go directly into into the project!

Sparrow Home Bangkok – ongoing project

sparrowhomeSparrow Home provides temporary accommodation for kids aged between 1 and 7 who were born in prison and are waiting for their mother/father to be released. Care is provided in a family style environment and Sparrow Home Bangkok supports visits to the mothers and fathers and also pays for older children’s schooling. If you would like to donate, please transfer the money to the following bank account and we assure you that 100% of what has been donated will go directly to the orphanage in Bangkok. Alternatively, pop in to the hotel or hostel and put a euro (or however much you can spare) in our charity boxes at the reception*.

During the next months, there will be also fundraising events in and around the Circus. And Julia will visti the Sparrow Home in Bangkok. You can read about the progress on our blog.

Read more about the Sparrow Home project.

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From Berlin to Gambia: we collected € 8.000 and built a well for Bully’s family in No-Kunda – project completed –

bullyBully has been plating up some excellent cuisine in The Circus Hotel for over seven years, and became an integral part of our Circus team, but more importantly, of our Circus family. When we found out about Bully’s family situation in his home village No-Kunda, in Gambia, we didn’t hesitate and decided we will help Bully’s family. In rural areas of Gambia it is common for only half the population to have access to clean drinking water. This, in turn, results in many health-related problems, and of course high infant mortality rates.

Each time Bully visited home, it was harder and harder for him to deal with the fact that he is living in a country where water is aplenty, and his family and relatives at home in West Africa, do not know when or where their next safe water supply will come from.

Together with Hand-in-Hand, our partner organisation, we were able to finance the building of the well, which makes us really proud! Big thanks to everyone who donated for this cause. Read more about this wonderful fundraising project on our blog.

Schülerpaten Berlin – project competed –

schuelerpatenA project that got us more involved with Berlin was the Schülerpaten e.V.. Jan, who was Concierge at the Apartments at the time, brought our intention to this very social and interactive project at the end of 2013. The organisation promotes educational opportunities and multicultural exchange between children of a migrant background and volunteers – often, but not exclusively students, who provide one-to-one mentoring. The tandems practice German, math and other school subjects, but both parties are also profiting from the cultural exchange.

You can read an exclusive interview about the work of the Schülerpaten in our C-Magazine.

If you want to make a donation, please use the following  link.



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