If there’s one thing that’s shaking the beer world these days, it’s definitely the explosion of the craft scene. It seems to be easier to find craft on tap than regular these days! And the expanding number of varieties available has almost turned beer drinking into a balancing act of figuring out the perfect style, size and timing of your pint. It’s hard work, that beer drinking…

And as if things weren’t complicated enough, breweries started collaborating to create even more varieties and make decision making even more difficult! But hey, let’s be honest, choosing between too many beer options is not a bad problem to have… And it’s exactly through these collaborations that the best recipes and techniques for brewing come to life. Which is why we decided to team up with The Sisters Brewery from Utrecht, Netherlands and unlock that amazing brewing potential in The Circus Hostel Microbrewery!

This is a first collaboration of this kind for both The Microbrewery and The Sisters, and we wanted the brewers to get to know each other before handling such a delicate procedure. Which is another way of saying we wanted an excuse to drink beer before noon! So we poured some of ours and some of theirs, turned glasses towards the light, smelled the hidden hints of fruit and spices, evaluated the foam texture and color, and downed enough of them to stop telling the difference.

And that’s when we got to chatting. It only made sense to use the opportunity and shamelessly ask The Sisters about everything but their blood type! They seemed happy to answer (almost) all of our nosy questions, but it would take about 50 posts to share it all, so here’s five fun facts about The Sisters Brewery we liked the most:

  1. Sisters in their name refers to Annamijn and Josefien, actual sister-brewers, but their father Wilfran is just as important, running the brewery and supporting them every step of the way. Literally.
  2. The whole thing started when the family decided to find a way to spend more time together. And, like it happens with so many of us, it was beer that helped them bond. The rest is history.
  3. The beehive themed branding they’re recognizable for comes from their last name Beijeman, which is Dutch for “beekeeper”.
  4. They love supporting the community! Every label printed on their bottle was designed by independent artists with the idea of showing different portrayals of the human body in all its shapes and sizes.
  5. All the flavors that give their brews that unique “Sister” flavors are natural and inspired by seasonal fruits and spices. That’s why their hefeweizen has hints of citrus and vanilla rather than the usual “banana” flavor usually found in this brew.

As for the actual collaboration, you can find the fruits of the labor in our Microbrewery downstairs from the hostel’s reception. What we currently have on tap is the dark lager and those of you who enjoy a full-bodied, chestnut-colored draft with a unique aftertaste that’ll send you to the fields of barley in the Scottish highlands… Got a little carried away there, sorry!

Bottom line – it’s a good beer, come down and try it!

And now that The Sisters’ week-long visit to The Circus is over and we sadly wave them goodbye, it’s comforting to know we can drown our sorrows in the barrels of goodness they left behind. And because here at The Circus the things we love are the things we share, now is the perfect time to come down and knock some glasses with us!