You heard it right, The Circus Hotel’s restaurant Commonground is officially one of the best spots for breakfast in Berlin, according to Speisekarte magazine. In their latest edition, Commonground took second place on their “tips Berlin” list for best places to have breakfast in Berlin. If you are familiar with The Circus concept, you’ll know collaboration is our middle name. And if you are familiar with the hospitality world, you’ll know food is just as important as the rooms!

But first, some background. In the nine years that The Circus Hotel has been welcoming guests from around the world, we’ve kept our open communications in the core of our brand. From breakfast bags at your doorstep to artisan coffee in our lobby, our innovation is always fueled by our guests’ requests. When we first developed the idea for Commomnground, our common goal (pun intended) was to create a place where you can enjoy great food in a quiet atmosphere. The idea transformed into reality when Silo Coffee owners decided to expand into a restaurant and open what is today known as Commonground, at the groundfloor of The Circus Hotel on Rosenthaler Platz.

More background! (this time it’s about coffee) With some of the best beans in Friedrichshain, Silo is one of those places where you have to queue if you want to be served on a Sunday. Because it’s worth the wait. With this approach to coffee, it only makes sense that Commonground creators applied the same standards to their food. With a daytime and a nighttime menu, you’ll find all sorts of options for breakfast, drinks and snacks. Goes without mentioning that latest rankings shows they know how to navigate the food world and make their customers happy!

And now, a digresion. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that only last week our Hostel’s Microbrewery made it to Supercall’s top 6 best hostel bars in the world. And with this week’s breakfast ranking, Speisekarte’s timing is almost too perfect. Craft beer and cocktails at the bar plus the all-day breakfast at the Commonground make The Circus a place where you can have your hangover and cure it too!

But back to food talk. Once dominated by all-you-can-eat buffets and baskets of bread with cold cuts, Berlin’s breakfast scene has changed drastically over the last few years. Bread and jam gave way to avocado toast and poached eggs and the brunch concept took over menus of cafes and restaurants fast. The success of this new concept came as a result of a common, yet true, stereotype of Berlin – partying. As I mentioned in the previous post, Berlin is not an evening city. Here, you start late and finish later. You’ll share the U-Bahn ride with morning commuters and squint as the morning sun hits you straight in the eyes. And while your first meal may look and taste like breakfast, by the time you start actually enjoying the food, it might as well be called late lunch. You’ll find plates of eggs and bacon on tables of cafes as late as 4pm and find out that in Berlin – that’s perfectly fine!

As for us, we took things even further. With most cafes finishing serving breakfast at 4pm,  The Commonground has created a day time menu that extends serving your favorites for another half hour. This means that you can sleep in, go sightseeing and still make it back in time for our famous French Toast with blueberry mascarpone, or smashed avocado on Sironi toast (if you’re the savoury breakfast type). And all this paired up with Silo quality coffee in the beautifully redesigned grounds of our Circus Hotel lobby make the whole experience one to remember. And once there, you might find it hard to leave. No need to worry, we still got you covered! Our special cocktails menu make it possible to turn your brunch into early drinks. Because let’s face it, nothing cures a hangover like a good recovery drink! And you can keep that alarm off, your next day breakfast will wait (until 4:30pm that is)!



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