Craft beer has spread over Berlin faster than you can say Currywurst! And the strangest part is that it almost went unnoticed. It seems like one day there were two places with craft beer and the next – two hundred! As the capital of a country whose nation is considered to know beer better than their own neighbours, Berlin’s adoption of the craft concept was both unexpected and thrilling. Today, it is home to more craft beer taps than kebab shops (do we really have to explain?), and you can find anything from a raspberry lager to an alcohol free stout (though we suggest you skip that one).

Now, if you know Berlin, you also know talking about the whole city in general is as pointless as it is time consuming. So, in a narcissistic effort to point out how awesome our neighborhood is and how amazing the beer it brings you, we are keeping the selection strictly in Mitte. It is, after all, the area we know like the back of our hands, so why not use that knowledge for a good cause? Like excessive drinking, for instance, what could possibly go wrong?

As the only hostel in Berlin that has a brewery in the same building, we cannot let you start your beer experience anywhere else, now can we? Built as an ideal place to meet people without compromising on a unique home-brewed beer experience, our Microbrewery aims at uniting good music with great drinks and everything in between. Say what you like, but if you ever witnessed one of our karaoke nights you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

And if you eventually decide to exit our hostel, go down Torstrasse street and you might notice a pretty place of wooden interior and warm candle light. Step inside and you’ll find the weird logo of a man on every glass, and a board full of beer you need to get to know ASAP. If it hasn’t become clear by now, we’re talking about Mikkeller, the Danish craft beer fusion concept that has been spreading over Europe like a wildfire. Copenhagen even has two! There’s a reason for that, so you might as well…


Further down the same street (how convenient!) is another little spot that will keep your journey through the craft world of Berlin going strong. It’s called Kaschk and it has a shuffle board downstairs. We’re gonna leave it at that. Maybe show you a teaser of their beer selection and step back…let it all sink in…

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Another great aspect of Berlin’s beer scene is tightly related, but not limited to – the outdoors. You guessed it, we’re talking beer gardens! They breathe life into the city during summer, with thousands of people absorbing vitamin D together with the hops, but some of them can be enjoyed during winter as well. One such place is Pfefferbräu, a brewery in a kind of space that makes people stop and take photos from the street. Primarily known for its beautiful outside seating, lucky for us it has an equally nice inside as well. Beer choices come by the dozen, so you can be sure to find something to your liking!

And if it hasn’t become obvious by now, all these are included in our Craft Beer Tour! Starting now and regularly occuring each month (keep an eye out on our calendar), it’s a tour that’s worth planning your trip around. Oh, and did we mention it’s guided? Because everything is better when you now the story behind it!