10 glorious years ago our bar tender, art student Sebastian Neeb, created a shrine to celebrate the man who many feel, single-handedly brought down the Berlin Wall – the man, the myth, the legend: Mr David Hasselhoff.

The Circus bar became a place where our guests and fellow Hoff-worshipers could light candles, leave a small token of their affection, and reflect upon what this great man has done, not just for reuniting a divided city, but for all of humanity via his music, television and humanitarian work. Naturally, it quickly became the most photographed place in the Hostel.

Renovations in 2015 meant we could not just make room for our very own in-house microbrewery The Circus Hostel Brewing Company but also allow us to materialise our dreams and create the much celebrated David Hasselhoff Museum right here at our Rosenthaler Platz location.

A must for any Hoff fan, we showcase his beloved piano scarf, along with coveted memorabilia from both Knight Rider and Baywatch. We hope one day to acquire the iconic flashing jacket that became a symbol of hope to thousands on the night of 31 December 1989.



We had always dreamed that he would one day David would come to visit us and on Monday this dream finally came true for The Circus Brewery Manager Jared Goldman. Like awaking on Christmas morning to find Santa at the end of his bed, Jared walked into the museum and found David admiring the museum and filming a Facebook live video where he talked about his time here in Berlin and gleefully regaled tales about the city that has seen so much change in the last 28 years.


Despite finally finding our freedom, we continue to work tirelessly to request the City of Berlin change the name of the street in which the hostel stands, from Weinbergsweg to David-Hasselhoff-Strasse and ask that you join our campaign by liking our Facebook page which we will eventually take to the senate: Join the fight here and whilst you are at it pop into the bar to try one of our many brews and hear the story for yourself from the man who saw it all.


David will be on tour in April 2018 and we hope will come back to visit us soon.