Hi, welcome! We have brought you here today to discuss a very important topic. We are here today to discuss your traveling budget. Yes, that’s right, we’re opening that Pandora’s box, and by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be happy we did.

Why? Read on.

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of hotels and hostels have been raising awareness of consumers about booking their stays directly through the host’s website. And for a good cause. It’s time to give direct booking the attention it deserves. Because, as convenient as online travel agencies might seem, there are hidden costs that you may not notice but you would if you had the time and energy to compare. And who has either of those these days?

Bottom line is, when it comes to staying at The Circus, one thing is guaranteed: You will always get the best booking deals if you book directly through us! Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons why booking direct is always the best idea!

  1. You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees again

Every time you book through our website or go old school and call us or send us an email, you will get the cheapest possible price. Because all other booking platforms charge a high commission for every booking made for the hosts. To cover parts of these fees, prices go up on their booking platforms. So you’re paying up to 20% more just because of these fees…

With us, you are paying for your stay and your stay only, and we always make sure to show our appreciation by throwing in a free lottery ticket or a beer. To show you we notice.

2. You’ll get the best possible availability

Really, if you book through us, you’ll find that we offer more available rooms and apartments than any of the OTAs out there (OTAs are all the other platforms for booking your stay with us, such as booking.com, Expedia, HRs or others…). So not only do we offer better pricing, you’ll find a much wider selection of accommodation at The Circus as well! This is what makes it a strong second reason to always book direct. But there’s more…

3. Cancellation really doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Your boss denied your holidays? You had a fight with your traveling buddy and no longer feel like doing it? Your budget wore out way faster than you expected? We understand. Trust us, after 20 years of welcoming travelers of all shapes and sizes, there is little that surprises us. And that’s why we made sure that cancelling your reservation goes as smoothly as possible. Because we’re not only here for you in good times, we are here for you always.

4. You can take advantage of our special offers

Yup, we have them! But only on our website! So, if you have a special reason for your visit to Berlin, you can check the discount and packages we are currently offering, and make your bank account just as excited as you are about your upcoming Berlin adventure!

5. You’ll get a chance to become a millionaire

Yes, you read it right, if you’re staying at our hotel and you booked direct, we will give you a lottery ticket as a sign of appreciation. And you never know, your ticket just might be the lucky one, and it costs you nothing to begin with, so what’s there to think about? However, if you’re more of an immediate-pleasure kind and you’re staying at our hostel, you’ll be thrilled to hear that we’re giving away a bottle of beer to every guest who booked direct.