Streetfood Tour

Tomorrow our newest free tour at The Circus begins, our very own Street Food Tour. With the growing demand and importance placed on the street food scene here in Berlin, one of the many foodies of our crew, Nina, felt it was only appropriate of us to give our guests an insight into it. Nina dreams of all things food, has a soft spot for Italian delicacies, and insists on taking an early lunch all the time, so fear not, you are in safe, but possibly hangry (hungry/angry) hands!

The tour will include fresh food markets, hidden havens, culinary delights, and independent street vendors. This Friday evening you could be meandering your way through the streets of Berlin, nibbling at the city’s best streetfood offers, and buying some of Berlin’s culinary delights to bring home with you. Maybe some spicy beef Bibimbap, or the best fish and chips, or even some Turkish gözleme or baklava will tickle your fancy?

In an attempt at being a small bit secretive: this week the tour will be stopping at a quaint Turkish bazaar, a bustling indoor marketplace, and the city’s best kept secret market.

Make sure to come hungry as Nina won’t be taking any prisoners!