Hier zeigen wir eine Übersicht all unserer Veranstaltungen und ihr findet schnell, welche Events euch am besten gefallen.

Talk: “Club Land – Berlin in the 1990s”: A conversation with Corin Arnold
Talk: “Club Land – Berlin in the 1990s”: A conversation with Corin Arnold – renowned Berlin DJ, radio presenter and founder of Berlin electronic music label – Dangerous Drums. Berlin in the 1990s experienced a[...]
FILM: VIP pass to the Arab Film Festival Berlin:  Screening of 'Bezness As Usual' – a film by Alex Pistra
Join the Circus crew as we enjoy VIP access to the Arab Film Festival in Berlin. We will have a meet-and-greet with the festival organisers before settling down to a special screening of Alex Pista’s[...]
TOUR: Explore the Stasi Prison and the dark side of East Germany with Dr Carlo Jordon – Civil rights activist and dissident
The Stasi Prison at Hohenschönhausen was an important part of the Ministry for State Security’s repressive actions against the people of the German Democratic Republic. We will be joined by former civil rights activist and[...]
Tour: Katharina's Berlin Street Art Tour - Exclusive for Circus Guests
Katharina’s Street Art Tour: Explore Berlin’s rich Street Art and Grafitti scene as seen through the eyes of local urban art junkie and Circus receptionist Katherina Schoenhagen. On this trip you will walk the streets[...]
TOUR: Meet the locals and explore the hidden histories and tastes of Kreuzberg with the Dönerkind
Take a trip into the Turkish community of Berlin with the Dönerkind. Along the way we will explore the streets of Kreuzberg, chatting to locals about their experiences of moving to and living in Berlin.[...]
TOUR & PHOTO WORKSHOP: Tempelhof Airport Unlocked – Explore the architecture and hidden history
Join us as we unlock the gates of Tempelhof Airport to get inside one of Berlin’s most interesting buildings and symbol of its dark and turbulent past. A classic example of National Socialist architecture, Tempelhof[...]
TRIP: Devils Mountain (Teufelsberg) The abandoned NSA station with amazing views of Berlin.
Literally translated as ‘Devil’s Mountain’, the Teufelsberg is a man-made hill created out of the rubble of World War II. Built atop Albert Speer’s Nazi Military Training School, the Teufelsberg was where the NSA built[...]
TASTE: Visit Berliner Berg, one of Berliners hottest craft beer breweries, for a private tasting.
In the last few years the Berlin craft beer scene has been booming. On this visit to Berliner Berg, we will be meeting one of the pioneers of this movement, learn who they are, their[...]
TRIP: International Record Store Day! Neighborhood record shop walk with Jan Flathmann
The 22 April is International Record Store Day, and to mark the occasion we have put together a neighborhood walk where you can discover the best independent record stores that Berlin-Mitte has to offer. Join[...]
TASTE: Meet Xia a master in the culinary art of dumpling making and peak into dumpling manufactor
We will head the to the dumpling manufacture to meet Xia and his crew who are making dumplings for this small establishment and supplying our neighbours  Yumcha Heroes. Find out what it means to be[...]
TOUR: Walk the Berlin Wall with Author of ‘Mauerweg: Stories from the Berlin Wall Trail’
Local writer Paul Scraton is the co-author of the book ‘Mauerweg: Stories from the Berlin Wall Trail’, published to coincide with the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down in November 1989. Paul will talk[...]
ART TOUR: Explore the best of Berlin’s “Gallery Weekend” with Local Art Historian
We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this chance to explore the very best of Berlin’s gallery weekend under the guidance of local art historian Laureline van den Heuvel. This tour has been[...]

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