There are many perks of being a part of The Circus. Or staying with us for that matter! If you know us already you know about our special Behind The Curtain tours. We have a lot of cool stuff all year round, but you know once summer hits – everything gets so much better!

This year, like the last and the one before that, no matter which house you stay in (Hostel, Hotel or Apartments), you can enjoy the summer The Circus way. Whether you’re enjoying a cold drink on our Hotel rooftop Honesty Bar, having your morning coffee in the inner yard of Commonground or The Circus Café patio, summer at The Circus is easy. But what about the outside world? When the sun is out all you want to do is go out and enjoy it. And what better way to do that than trying to get as close to it as you possibly can?

Yes, we’re talking flying!

If you ever had the chance to stay with us and meet our team, you might have noticed that we are quite an eclectic crowd. Talents run high at The Circus, and if you get to meet our staff you’ll find that half of our bar staff are DJs, the hotel manager knows more about ice cream than is good for her health and we have more than two photographers running around the Hostel.

But the absolute best is hidden upstairs in the office – one of the actual owners of The Circus has the coolest hobby you can think of – flying! You and I might spend our free time exploring the city on a bike, going to see one of Berlin’s famous lakes, or climbing on top of the Victory Tower for a view of Tiergarten. Well, Tilman does all of that too, but from 2500km above!

Once or twice a year, a few of our guests have the amazing opportunity to join Tilman and see Berlin from the most unique perspective imaginable. Yesterday was one of those days. So we grabbed the camera and hopped on board to give you an insider peak into the cutest little plain and the most spectacular views of Berlin you can imagine.

Curious to see what we captured? Say hi to the plane first. Isn’t it adorable?

The route covered every corner of the city, including a short tour of beautiful Potsdam and the vast planes of Brandenburg. Our favorites are, of course, the beautiful strip of the Spree that stretches from Alexanderplatz through Oberbaumbrücke and all the way to Neukölln. Just look at that!

Then there’s the Olympia stadium, which you might know form another one of our popular Behind The Curtain tours. It’s as pompous from the air as it is from the ground, but way cooler to look at with the radio control comms with the control towers of Tegel in the background!

But the best highlight is undoubtedly Tiergarten. Doesn’t it look like Berlin’s version of Central Park?

There’s hundreds of views we could go on about for days, but the bottom line (in case you haven’t noticed by now) is that we love Berlin! Whichever corner you see it from, whether on foot, bike, boat or plane, exploring this city really never gets old! You may have missed this one, but we have loads of tours just as amazing and fun waiting for you to join!

Reserved for our guests only and carefully combined to show you Berlin as we see it, Behind The Curtain is a collection of tours you will not (repeat: will not) find anywhere else.

So book that ticket and join us while the sun is hot and the beer is cold, we’re waiting for you!