It’s funny how Christmas seems to work. Here we are thinking it’s about a couple of days you are supposed to spend with your close family opening presents and eating until all your buttons pop. But what about all of the travelers among us who are celebrating Christmas away from it all? Some of you reading this are probably not only in a different country from the one you were born in, but on a different continent entirely!

Traveling, to say the least, is a transformational experience. It pushes us out of our comfort zones, removes all that is familiar in our daily lives and puts us in a state of constant change. It is the most rewarding investment of time and money. But, as it goes with most great things in life, all that fun can come at a high price. This especially applies to those of you who are traveling alone. Yes, novelty can be endlessly exciting, but you’d be lying if you said that you never felt the sting of loneliness at least once. Unknown places and new cultures can sometimes make us feel out of place and alone and it can get difficult to handle.

This is where people come in. There is something almost magical to the way meeting new people and learning about their unique stories can nip loneliness in the bud and make us forget all about it! And as a place that has been hosting travelers for over 20 years, we can say with confidence – we know. Which is why we are so dedicated to making sure that if you’re staying with us, there is never a shortage of opportunities to meet other travelers!

Bringing people together is basically the core driving force of The Circus. Think about it, from Behind The Curtain program to Karaoke, we’re all about breaking the ice between strangers and bringing them together! So why should Christmas be any different?

Which brings us to the next key point. Food. Let’s be real, half of anyone’s motivation to visit new places is to taste their food. Yeah, East side Gallery is really cool, but don’t act like you don’t have the entire Warshauerstrasse area mapped out for restaurants before you even arrive there? It would be weird if you didn’t. Don’t worry, we come prepared.

Sharing a home-cooked meal is more than just a way to satisfy the hunger pangs. It can turn into a truly bonding experience and create a warm atmosphere that makes you feel almost at home. And if the food is good – win win, no? And our food is good. Just saying…

So, if you are staying at The Circus over Christmas and you are craving a little coziness and home-cooked comfort food, you’ll definitely want to join our X-mas dinner on December 25th. We’ll be turning The Circus Café into a wintery, Christmasy hub of joy for everyone who decides to join us! We’ll be serving a three-course meal with a vegetarian option. You can choose if you want to start at 6pm or 8pm, and Microbrewery will be waiting for you when you are ready to move the party downstairs!

Sounds good? Then head over to reception and sign up to secure your spot! We were booked out last year and spots are limited, so don’t waste time thinking about it, just put your name on that list! Here’s more information and the menu (we know you want to know) and we can’t wait to see you!