Für alle, die Berlin lieber in ihrem eigenen Tempo entdecken, haben wir eine Auswahl an Do-It-Yourself-Führungen zusammengestellt. Die Touren führen durch Mitte und Prenzlauer Berg und haben verschiedene Themenschwerpunkte. Start und Ziel der Touren ist jeweils der Rosenthaler Platz.  Viel Spaß beim Entdecken!

Unsere Do-It-Yourself-Stadtführungen sind im Moment leider nur auf Englisch verfügbar

Tour 1: Scheunenviertel

The shortest tour takes you around our immediate neighbourhood, and the area known as the Scheunenviertel. Historically this was the centre of Jewish life in the city, and since the fall of the Berlin Wall has become home to many art galleries, cosy bars, and trendy shops.

Tour 2: Back in the DDR

This tour takes you from The Circus and around some of the sights relating to the socialist era, when East Berlin was the capital of the German Democratic Republic, including the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Embassy, Alexanderplatz, and some examples of the socialist-era architecture that shaped the east of the city.

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Tour 3: Prenzlauer Berg

Our neighbours to the north. Prenzlauer Berg was traditionally a working class district north of the city centre, that was badly damaged during WWII. During East German times it was home to many artists, writers and dissidents against the regime. In the years since the wall came down, it has become a very popular neighbourhood full of interesting bars and cafés, flea markets and independent shops and leafy streets that are great for a wander.

Tour 4: The Grand Tour

An epic wander through the heart of Berlin, past all of those sights that your guidebook told you about, including the Reischstag, Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate, the Museum’s Island, Alexanderplatz and much more.

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Unsere Art, Berlins Sehenswürdigkeiten per Bus zu entdecken – Im Moment nur auf Englisch, sorry!

Jimbo’s Cheap Man’s Bus Tour:

This Bus Tour will give you an excellent idea of the main touristic sites of Berlin, the cheap man’s way. Berlin’s public bus lines 100 and 200 cover almost the same route as commercial Bus Tours. What it lacks is the explanation. This is where Jimbo comes in! He will explain you all the bits and pieces and funky stories that this city has to offer.

During the day there is a bus every 7 minutes and they run from 6am – midnight.

How to get there: From The Circus take the U8 (direction Hermannstrasse) to Alexanderplatz. Then follow the signs in the station „BUS“. This will bring you to Karl-Liebknecht Street. On the opposite side of the road towards your left is the bus stop 100.

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