We are very excited to announce a new green-living inspired tour of Berlin’s fashion hot spots! Starting this Friday, September 6th, our Behind The Curtain program is getting an addition we are proud to include in the already pretty damn amazing set of walking and exploring tours designed to open Berlin in ways you wouldn’t normally get to see. And being all green living loving, eco-friendly supporting and sustainability promoting, it only made sense that we ventured into the fashion world through a green lens.

If you know Behind The Curtain, you know we have a couple of green lifestyle inspired tours, like the Foody Walk, where we teamed up with GreenMe and joined her carefully picked spots for sustainable food spots. So once we got you fed, it was time to put some green clothes on your back as well.

They are called The Green Fashion Tours Berlin and they began their mission for a greener fashion industry in 2015 as a joint project between Anna from ‘GetChanged!’, Mariangeles from ‘HolaBerlin’ and Arianna from ‘The Upcycling Fashion Store’. Since 2016 the project is part of “Future Fashion Forward e.V.” under the coordination of Anna and Arianna… Green Fashion Tours is essentially a project focusing on sustainable fashion, offering guided tours throughout Berlin, with the goal of educating the public about the environmental and social issues of the fashion industry, while presenting alternative options for an ethical consumption.

So, in case you are staying with us this week and you’re into disrupting the fashion industry, helping cut down waste and support a more sustainable approach to clothing design and production, this one is definitely for you!

What you are looking for is this, and keep an eye out for our version of their vision:

“Green Fashion Tours creates interactive urban excursions in Berlin, guiding people directly to the places where change happens: their workshops and interactive tours show the behind the scenes of ethical fashion businesses and the stories of their creators. Transformative consumer education and personal exchange with fair fashion entrepreneurs are concepts at the core of these inspirational journeys”

Help us make the future of fashion greener!