Jared Marathon

Around 74,000 people flock to Berlin from all over the world to run the Berlin Marathon and up to one million bystanders come to cheer the others on. The Berlin Marathon is known to have relatively flat terrain.

I have been watching this event for years. Each year I stand at the finish line watching the pain turn into deep emotion as the runners spot the Brandenburg Gate with just 1km to go. This emotion has always touched me deeply and for years I have been saying one day I want to be able to say I ran the Berlin Marathon.

My running story started about a year and half ago when I watched two friends run the half marathon. I thought if they can do it, I can too. So I started training and within 8 months I had run my first half marathon and was feeling good. I signed up for the Berlin Half Marathon and had been looking forward to it for months. I had a slight injury in one of my legs but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Unfortunately I ripped my hamstring during the race and nevertheless decided to finish the race even though I could barely walk.

This injury cost me months of pain, physiotherapy, and my chance to run this year’s Berlin Marathon. But I have been keeping my fitness up and just recently I have started to train again. Since I have paid for my spot in the marathon and I at least want my shirt, I have decided to run the first 10km. I want to feel the pulse at the begining of the race and feel what it’s likes to run on such a popular circuit in the city I live in.

Conveniently the 10km mark is basically in front of The Circus. This is a perfect spot for our guests, all you have to do is roll out of bed and walk to the intersection and you will be able to have a peak at all the runners. Afterwards you can enjoy breakfast at one of our locations and you will most likely have the place to yourself as most guests will be out running.

On the marathon day I will be wearing my one of a kind Circus Hostel Brewing Co. black trucker cap. I will be sure to run on the side near the hotel. So get yourselves out of bed and have a look. The atmosphere is something you don’t want to miss. If you are looking for inspiration to start some fitness then this is the best free kick in the butt you can get.

I am also working on a bigger goal for charity which will take me to the limits. But you have to keep following the blog to find out what this will be.

See you at the race…

Note: Berlin Marathon @ The Circus

Every year, we welcome lots of runners and their friends and family to The Circus for the weekend. In preparation for the 42km race, we are offering in our Restaurant Fabisch our traditional Saturday evening Pasta Party Buffet (€15/person) on the 26th. As place in our Restaurant is limited, we do ask that anyone who is interested in the Pasta Buffet reserves a table with us in advance. For those of you running the marathon we wish you all the best for a great run, and don’t forget to let us know how you did!

Jared Marathon