St. Beaufort

I am very picky when it comes to music and I am not a massive fan of commercial music. Some of the best musicians and bands that I have found are right here in the streets of Berlin. This past summer I was having a wander through the famous Mauerpark flea market – a great thing to do on a Sunday morning or afternoon with a killer hangover.

As I was passing from the flea market and headed off somewhere to drink another beer I spotted a few guys that were signing harmonies and playing the guitar and the banjo. I am from the Midwest and after leaving I developed a taste for country and bluegrass music – bascially anything with a banjo or a fiddle that I can tap my feet too.

I stopped and listened for a good 30 minutes and I was blown away by their sound. So I grabbed a sticker out of the guitar case, asked where they were from, and checked them out online. After doing a bit of research I was shocked when I found out they had actually played in our restaurant Fabisch at the hotel.

I saw that they were having a release party at Privatclub and entered a competition to win two free tickets. I entered it and sure enough won the tickets. It was meant to be.

It was a sold out show in a very cosy spot that only holds a couple of hundred people. I prefer this to the bigger concerts in stadiums. It was an intimate show with the trio playing some upbeat songs and a few slow ones. The band demonstrated their wonderful harmonies and showed their great understanding of their instruments by playing not only their own but also swapping each others at different points of the show. It was clear that anyone of them could steal the spot light but what I especially liked was that they swapped center stage for different songs.

The guys are wonderful on their own but they had a few special guests that came up and jumped on the stage with a stand up bass and the drums. This gave the show an extra element and really got the crowd going.

Its great when these small coincidences happen in life and for me its great to see young bands playing in the street and then be able to see them up on stage. I can only wish these guys all the best of luck and success and we hope to see you again soon playing at The Circus.

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