Spy Museum

It is not every day that Berlin gets a new museum. New art gallery sure, but a museum? Therefore, I considered it my duty to go and check out the brand new Spy Museum Berlin.

Not quite knowing what to expect, I decided to wear my beige safari suit – think Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). As I got there I realised that this was not appropriate and had to go home and change into my normal gear… Boring…

As to be expected there was plenty of spy equipment to look at, including tobacco pipes which also function as guns, false heals in shoes, cameras, and code listening devices. It is, of course, all very high tech, decked out with touch screens and what not. The best touchscreen there was a massive map of Berlin with the different spy institutions of both East and West Berlin. It turns out the Stasi used to use a building on our street in Pankow for counter intelligence purposes.

There was a laser parcour course whereby you have to go down a dark tunnel without touching the intersecting laser beams. I went through on the beginner level and struggled, even though I have the agility of a puma. There are 3 levels higher than this which I definitely did not attempt, but appeared to be great fun.

Of course, the highlight for me was the section dedicated to Bond, James Bond. I grew up watching this stuff – I have already given away my age by mentioning safari suits. I mean this with all sincerity, these were the pinnacle of fashion, really wonderful stuff.

What made it all worth the €18 admission price was seeing the real outfit of THE best “baddie” in film history, Jaws. No, not the fish, but rather Richard Kiel who is huge in real life, had teeth made from steel, and could bite through anything in the films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. I think it is time for a Wikipedia link as people under the age of 30 probably have no idea what I am talking about – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaws_%28James_Bond%29

Spy Museum Berlin, Leipziger Platz 9


Admission: normal price €18, reduced €14

Jaws outfit

Jaws Outfit

Spy Museum


Spy Museum