The Carnival of Cultures, Karneval der Kulturen, is a very special street festival that takes place in the first weekend of June.

For all who missed the celebrations of the 1st of May, or who simply can’t get enough of partying in the streets of Berlin, this is your chance: the Karneval der Kulturen!

From 2 – 5 of June, the festival celebrates the ethnic diversity and multiculturalism of Berlin.  It was set up in the 1990’s as an attempt to counteract the racism and nationalism common at that time.

There will be various events, music and dance peformances the whole weekend through, and on Sundy the famous street parade takes place. Head down to the various stages and see over 100 bands from all over the world. Be prepared for exotic costumes, colourful decorations, and lots of fun and music. And check out the delicious food at the culinary stands with food from all around the world!

Karneval der Kulturen: mzugsgruppe Bolivia

© Daniela Incoronato: Umzugsgruppe Bolivia