It was fun while it lasted, but the time has come to wave Christmas goodbye, and with it all the wonderful things we associate with it, like day drinking (bless mulled wine), overloading on cheese (another courtesy of Christmas Markets we all know and love), and money being spent without us eve realizing where it went (because no Christmas tree can survive without being watered with gifts). But before you bury your head in the pillow, there is another day of celebration that will keep you from despair for a little while longer. Because the day after tomorrow isn’t just a new day.

It’s a whole new decade starting!

But before we get into healing mode, first we must first do the messy bit, because you know you can’t start fresh without ending dirty. So let’s make sure we make 2019 count but making its last day the one we celebrate most! And what better place to do it than Berlin, and we are here to make your New Year’s Eve one you will definitely (not) remember!

Exclusivitiy is everyone’s favorite, so let’s start with something special we’ve got in store for all of you who are calling yourselves guests of The Circus these days!

Berlin’s New Year Fireworks from above the Rooftops on the Hotel Terrace

If you’re a guest of ours and staying at one of The Circus Hotel, Hostel or Apartments over this special night, we’d love to have you join our traditional gathering on the Hotel’s rooftop terrace for the best view of the fireworks that light up the sky every year! Spots are limited, so make sure you sign up at one of the reception desks!

And, although the peak of the night is at midnight, we all know the warmup starts way earlier, which is why we’re opening our Microbrewery extra early tomorrow! Come down any time after 5pm for a pint of our house brew or one of our signature cocktails and make the last day of the year count! And once you are ready to move it to the dancefloor, we made a small list to help you navigate your way out of the tyranny of choice. Here’s our top 5 NYE parties around Berlin that are guaranteed to make your entering into 2020 one you will (not) forget!

  1. YAAM New Years Bash 2020 / 3 Floors & Visuals & Outdoor

If Afro beats is what you love to move to, this is the place to be! The Caribbean meets hip hop meets pop and everything in between is the theme of the night, and you can escape the cold cold days of winter as you dance into a tropical kind of feeling!

  1. Watergate: Every End Is A New Beginning – NYE

As the name already made obvious, this club is the perfect option for all of you who enjoy a view of the sun rising over water as you make your way home after pulling an all-nighter. And this time, it’s the sun of the new decade you’ll be welcoming!

  1. Last Call 2019 NYE at Suicide Club

Located in Warschauer Strasse’s famous club packed yard of RAW, Suicide is the perfect spot for those of you who like to club hop without having to spend too much time commuting between parties. It’s definitely not the season for it, so let’s make things easy!

  1. LIDO! LIDO! Party! HITS! Silvester 2019/2020

If you’re a strong believer that no good party can happen outside of Kreuzberg, Lido is your NYE destination! They’ll be giving away a bottle of champagne to every 100th person who enters so with a little luck you might be hugging some bubbly in addition to your friends when the clock strikes midnight!

  1. Silvester in der Kulturbrauerei

Once an actual brewery, this beautiful building is now home to a club that definitely has something for everyone! It’s also the biggest indoor NY party in Berlin, so if you’re looking to throw yourself into the crowd as you watch fireworks over rooftops, this is where you’ll wanna be!

We’ve given you the options, your only job is to pick where you’ll be stepping into 2020. Good times are guaranteed so this is probably the least stressful decision you’ll have to make all year! Now go make it count!