After checking out cosmetics, home fragrances and coffee pads, The Circus design crew is moving on to textiles and wallpapers! Our design team just got back from Frankfurt, where they visited the Heimtextil Fair. It’s probably the most exciting quest of project #recreate at The Circus Hotel that we’ve taken on so far. Why?

Well, you don’t really have to be a designer to appreciate the process behind picking the right design for a room, now do you? And wallpapers have that special power in shaping the feel and look of the space they are in. The fact that they cover entire walls (even rooms sometimes) can bring the space alive like no other design tool out there! And if you know The Circus, you know we are all about creating a unique design that our guests know us for and one of the main reasons they keep coming back!

Next up, we looked at another floor-to-ceiling favorite design piece – curtains! Often neglected but very influencial when it comes to creating an atmosphere of rooms, that „feel of the space“ we all know is there but can never quite put our finger on what creates it. We found some pretty amazing options, so you can say we were happy. And you can say that again!

  If you’re new to the project #recreate happening at The Circus, it’s time to take a small leap into the future. More specifically, this time next year The Circus Hotel will be getting a head-to-toe makeover, and we are really taking full advantage of the opportunity to reinvent the wheel and create a next-level design that will give our guests a Berlin experience they will definitely not forget!

And it gets better.

Another big thing we’ve kept in focus since day one of our now 11-year-old hotel (time flies when you’re having fun) is sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. From green energy to hallway light timers and waste management, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to reduce our footprint on the green surface of the precious planet we live on. That’s why the Heimtextil Fare in Frankfurt was the perfect place for us to let our eyes wander and inspiration flow!

Heimtextil is the biggest fare for new trends and textile innovations and timed perfectly to kickstart the inspiration for the year! One of the main key focal points this year revolved around green and sustainable design solutions, which goes perfectly in line with our concept for the new Circus Hotel. In addition to that, Heimtextil is the perfect place to discover trends for the upcoming year and network with some of the big names and game-changers in design.

Not only the biggest, but also most perfectly timed, the fair is envisioned as the kick-start to the designer year, giving everyone an inspirational start to the new decade. And can we just say, it has delivered! We can’t reveal too many details just yet, but stay with us, we’re getting more and more excited watching the vision become sharper and more specific. Only great things to come!