It’s so nice to be a part of big changes. Not only do you get to be a part of something big, new and exciting, but you also get a million perks on the way! Like testing the best coffee brewing method, for instance. Yes, that’s what we are currently doing (in case it wasn’t super obvious). Because after 10 years of running a hotel we don’t have single fiber of doubt that a proper cup of coffee really can make or break your morning. And who wants a broken morning while traveling? No one, that’s who!

Project #recreate aims to bring The Circus Hotel to a new level of experience for all of you who stay with us, and that means reinventing the wheel and covering every little nook and cranny you can possibly imagine! So we set out on a heavily caffeinated quest for the best coffee we could offer you – our guests. Not that there was anything wrong with the ones we had (and still have), but isn’t it fun to always try new things and switch it up!

So we headed up to Prenzlauer Berg and paid a visit to Firstcrack Coffee Roasters & Café Pakolat. Their coffee is worth breaking out of the borders of Mitte (despite the “third wave coffee” reputation our trendy neighborhood has built over the last couple of years), and they have some pretty mind-blowing cakes to pair with the exquisiteness of said coffee. The living-room looking, homey-feeling-evoking interior is yet another perk, but not that relevant to the story we are trying to tell today, so we won’t linger. But to be clear, you really must go check them out!

Moving on!

What made us gravitate towards them was not only the taste and the quality of the coffee, but also the way it is prepared. We admit to being pulled into the drip-coffee-trend frenzy, and after trying Firstcrack we can admit to finally seeing how it got to become a trend in the first place! But before even stepping into the taste and the texture and whatnot, we noticed something else that pulled our quizzical eyebrow in the direction of the coffee cup. It’s so convenient!

Designed as a self-hanging bag of wake-me-up goodness, all you’ll need for this drip is a cup and hot water. Yep, no machines, French presses, drip bottles or other shenanigans. Your morning brew has never been simpler! Boil it-pour it-drink it is all the wisdom your morning needs and we are happy to jump on that train of simplicity!

And although not the first thing on our list, the taste was definitely its biggest selling point! We went as a team, we did the brewing process as a team and we did the tasting as a team. And can we just say (as a team), that’s one good cup of coffee! Stay with us as we jump into more adventures as #recreate moves along, exciting things are on the horizon!