It’s Thursday afternoon and our meeting room is full of people. It might be the first time this year that the entire management is sitting together in one room. At The Circus, this qualifies as a unicorn moment. So it goes without saying that there’s something big brewing! Look at that level of concentration!

If you follow our news regularly, you know that The Circus never sleeps! And we don’t just mean our guests. If one thing has kept us on top of our game in the last 20 years, it’s that we are completely and absolutely hooked on constantly improving and moving forward. Our most recent projects included a complete upgrade of the hostel, where we replaced all of our bunkbeds with the Perfect Dorm concept, plus a lobby and reception makeover and some epic bathroom wallpaper artistry.

Remember this?

This time, The Circus crew is back in the Situation Room (a.k.a. our Apartments house Meeting Room) and this time, we really mean business!

But enough introduction.

When we first opened the door of our Hotel and welcomed our first guests, we had no clue it would turn into a lifelong endeavor. And we are not mad about it! In fact, we couldn’t be more thrilled, especially after signing an extension to our tenancy that will run until 2044! Yes, we are in it for the long ride, and what better time to set the wheel of change in motion? As they say: No time like the present!

The renovation, or rather recreation of our Hotel will be the biggest project we’ve been involved in over 20 years that we’ve called The Circus our home. The investment will surpass €2 million and the works will have the hotel close for up to 4 months. Here are a few highlights to give you an idea just how epic this project will be.

1. AC is in the house!

Berlin is not really a city where AC is hanging from each window. But global warming is changing that, and fast! Last few summers have been absolutely scorching and we believe your stay with us should be cool in every way possible. That’s great news number 1.

2. We are redesigning. Everything.

If you ever stayed with us, you’ll know our design is in the soul of The Circus. So it won’t come as a surprise that we’ll be doing a complete and total design makeover. You’ll have to wait and see…

3. Gastro is the word!

We all know that all good hotels go hand in hand with great gastronomy! So we are bringing our lobby/lounge/restaurant are to the next level. Big ideas are in motion here, be very excited!

The wheel’s in motion, the momentum is starting now, and we can’t wait to see how it develops! We’ll keep you posted, of course, so keep your eye on us, it’s going to be memorable!


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