When you set off on an adventure, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of new places, new people, new experiences… And the planning, oh the planning! Pick a place to stay, research the location, find restaurants, bars, sightseeing tours, parties…it gets overwhelming. And between choosing your breakfast spot and beer garden, you might lose track of possibly the most important thing. The quality of your sleep!

Let’s get visual. It’s a hot day in mid-July and your second day in Berlin. You’ve walked more than your health app can keep track of, you’ve had beer for lunch and breakfast for dinner, the sun is hot and the breeze is cool. And you feel like crap. Did I have one beer too many, you wonder. Or is it the bacon I had for dinner? Can’t be, bacon doesn’t make your back feel like it went through a washing machine.

More likely than not, it’s the lack of a good night’s sleep that’s killing the excellent mood you arrived with only yesterday. Are you missing your bed and that mattress you took half a day and five friends to pick out yet?

Traveling on a budget means making compromises and cutting corners. Which is fine. Chances are, you don’t really need room service and breakfast in bed, as amazing as both of them are. Still, no matter how much you are willing to compromise, the amount and quality of sleep you get during travels should never make that list!

That’s why, when it was time to plan out the focal point of our redesign project, the decision unanimously pointed to one direction: beds!

So we put our heads, pens and papers together, and came up with what is today known as The Perfect Dorm. Because, after 20 years of welcoming guests to the heart of Berlin, we’ve seen how important it is to provide guests with unique features like a café with a breakfast buffet, a bar that has its own brewery in the back and exclusive tours and events you can’t normally access. And once we ticked all of those boxes, it was time to get back to basics.

The project was not a small one by any means. First we organized a competition to find the perfect carpenter who would bring our vision to life. Then our Chief Designer, Sandra, came up with the brilliant design. Winter came and went, we went to Sassenberg and back, and today we are watching in delight our dorms with their beautiful and  long-anticipated makeover!

If you happened to call yourself our guest this spring, chances are your backs were the first ones to enjoy these state-of-the-art bunk beds that are custom made to make your sleep the best you’ve ever had while traveling! The best part is, all bed frames are hand-made, and hand-made takes time. So it’s not too late to join the club and enjoy the perks of never-before-slept-on bunk bed. How many hostels you know can say that?