If you regularly follow us, you know that we have two main driving forces behind us. One comes from the people we love and who make our work so enjoyable. The other one is the ability to give back in every way we can. Put these two together, and what you get is the story behind our latest charity project in Belarus.

As you may already know, we recently launched our latest charity project in cooperation with our old friend and a former Circus family member, Jared. The project aims to help children with disabilities in Belarus lead an active lifestyle. In an effort to match the project with its goal, Jared, the man behind the curtain, is pairing up his passion for running with a real purpose. He is tracing back his roots on foot, running 230km from Minsk to the birth town of his ancestors.

He also teamed up with the Belarus running community and a local organization that helps children with disabilities. They are called Wings of Angels and with Jared’s help, they are raising money for a special chair that will make it possible children with disabilities to join their parents on their running sprees and take part in their active lifestyle.

The Circus crew couldn’t be happier to join the project and help raise awareness of the importance of giving children with disabilities a chance for an active and happy future. We truly appreciate all donations, and the best way to do that is through our website, or by reaching out to Jared through his personal website.

And because we believe everything is better with a personal touch, we sat down, or better to say went up to the rooftop terrace of our Hotel and asked him to tell us more about the project: how the idea was born, why running, how it took him to Belarus and everything in-between.

Here’s what he said:

For more information, please visit The Circus Charity Website and Jared’s Website. Thank you for providing a better future for the children of Belarus!