When you arrive to a new place, what’s the first thing you map out? Landmarks, museums, shopping streets…? Or are you more about the food? We definitely are…and thinking about how many times you asked us for a good food spots recommendation, we know you are too!

With three buildings under The Circus tent (or as we like to call them – houses), we really do cater to all kinds of requests and inquiries. There are some patterns you can expect, like backpackers asking what to see when you only have a day to explore, or hotel guests looking for a good Sunday brunch spot. But when it comes to our Apartments guests who want an extraordinary dinner experience or a recommendation that is based on personal opinions rather than Google research, we had to make sure that we really know what we’re talking about!

So, a while back, we created a nice little concept that will not only make sure we are recommending you the best spots out there but also bringing our staff closer together in the process. Yes, we are talking taste testing! Are you sending us your CV already? Jokes aside, it’s proven to be a winner, both for our wonderful staff as well as our amazing guests. And let us tell you, it was hard work eating all that amazing food!

To make sure everyone is in on it, we are changing the venue and the staff members every time. The lucky ones this time were: The Circus Apartments concierge Marie, The Circus Apartments manager Richie and The Circus Hotel manager Karen.  Just look at those happy faces!

So next time you need a recommendation, you know that places we suggest are Circus tested and approved! Now, where do we eat next…?