The last few months have seen us dive head first into the Future Circus project. It’s taken the spotlight both literally and metaphorically, and left little room for other things, like remembering how it used to look back in the day. In fact, it wasn’t until we stumbled upon some old photos that we paused to take a second and open the memory box. It’s not much of a surprise that we all got blown away by the shock-wave of emotions. Some of us may or may not have had to turn around and wipe their eyes. No, not because of tears, it’s just that damn dust got into all of our eyes. We are adults after all, we don’t allow our emotions to get the best of us! It’s that damn dust, we said…

Anyway! Looking at all the different design concepts, colors and shapes brought back all of the stuff. Over the last 20 years we’ve watched everything change, and then change some more, but one thing stayed the same and resisted the stamp of time. The Circus Crew. Five guys behind The Circus back then are the same five you can see cruising around our three houses today. They might be a little older, more serious and have wives and kids waiting for them to come home for dinner, but their bond is just as strong and their friendship just as genuine as back when maps were only in print and recommendation came from actual people. Wild, right? Here they are blocking trams on Rosenthaler Platz.

As Siri Hustvedt put it so eloquently: „There is no future without a past, because what is to be cannot be imagined except as a form of repetition.“ Or, putting it plain and simple: How can you really appreciate the after if you haven’t seen the before? Plus, we know you’re dying to see those old photos. So, to cut the anticipation anxiety, here are a few of our favorite faces of The Circus over the course of its young but very eventful life. First up, it’s Reception from the times when the actual circus theme was alive and kicking. Doesn’t it make you wanna put that tent over your dining table? No, it’s just us? Ok, fine, have it your way…

Too red? Then how about relaxing your eyes with some green? The lounge area is probably the space that has seen the most drastic changes and even if you’ve stayed with us recently, you’ll probably need some time to figure out what’s what and where. And no, we don’t know what happened to those giant letters, and yes, we are all wondering. But please, please, please, can we just take a moment to appreciate the evolution of technology? Don’t you miss those days when we didn’t have a new iPhone every ten minutes and the headphones you got for your birthday actually survived until the next one? Like these state-of-the-art red gems you can see in the image below? Pure gold!

And then there’s our favorite transformation we are oh so very proud of! In case we haven’t bragged enough by now, we just reinstalled the elevator. It’s beyond. No, you don’t get to see it yet, though you are more than welcome to come over and try it out. The most fancy and most expensive feature we’ve changed so far, it will help you reach your room faster and make you feel like you’re in a skyscraper of New York rather than in a hostel. Ok, ok, that’s a bit extreme, but it’s really awesome. Plus you no longer have to walk into a magician’s crotch to enter it. Though that was a fun detail. Why be serious when you don’t have to? Life’s short, be goofy.

So there, now you have the before. Hope you enjoyed it, because the walk down memory lane may have been sweet but it was short, we ain’t got time to wallow in the past, we got a hostel to redesign! Don’t go away though, we love sharing our progress with you! See you next week, it’s gonna be good.