It’s coming. You can feel it in the air. The streets are getting prettier. Outfits are getting bolder. Dress codes are flying out the window and creativity is breaking all the rules. Even the cold month of January can’t stop the mini skirts and bare backs. Because next week in Berlin, it’s all about fashion and you best dress to impress: It’s BFW2018!

Four days of style, stars and supreme fashion. All over the city, from Prenzlauer Berg, through Mitte and all the way to Friedrichshain, Berlin is branded with it. And don’t worry, you don’t need a ticket to experience the spectacle. All you have to do is pack your prettiest and quirkiest and catch the next ride to Berlin. Fly, ride or float, just get here!

Because Fashion Week in Berlin is truly one of a kind. Unlike Milan, which has been a synonym for fashion and style for longer than we can count, Berlin is a city with a different image. In Berlin, you don’t dress to impress – you dress to express! Who you are and what you believe in beams from every inch of your body and Fashion Week takes it to the next level. And we love it!

Start your 2018 in style

Fashion Week is a restless beast. It likes to travel in style and it only hangs out with the cool crowd in exclusive clubs. Great news is, Berlin is so big and versatile, it doesn’t believe in exclusivity. If you’re not crazy about fashion or not, Berlin makes sure you have the time of your life. Let’s just say Fashion Week helps.

So what’s the hype all about?

If there’s one thing hospitality and fashion share, it has to be the endless love both industries have for great design. From colors to materials, shapes and contours, design unites all the elements that make everything and anything stand out. And you must never drop the ball. If unique design is what you aim for, you must be prepared to sleep with one eye open. Because it changes faster than a teenager’s mood swings. It’s hard work, but do it right and it will give back. Oh, it will give back.

How to stand out in a forest of creative minds

Tourism in Berlin has skyrocketed in the last few years. We are receiving more visitors than ever. They come from all over the world, speak all kinds of languages and look for all kinds of experiences. From cheap parties and underground clubbing scene to shopping at KaDeWe and avotoasts, Berlin welcomes all. Our space is limited, so we had to make a choice. The key question we asked ourselves was:

How can we unite quality, fun and comfort?

So we got to work. And we never stopped. Because we value loyalty just as much as innovation. We want our guest to feel at home, but we also want them to move forward with us. Design is always on the move, and we are moving with it. From gadgets to guides, details that become our unique stamp of quality, The Circus is all about design. We’ve stepped into 2018, we’ve popped the champagne and watched the sky over Berlin explode with color. We want you to see the same Berlin we love, so we added a guide book in each room. Here’s a peak.

Now it’s time to make this year the best one yet! Sandra, our Chief Designer, is flooding the floors with creative ideas, and we’re making sure that our guests are taken care of even when they step out on the streets of Berlin. Because what makes us stand out is people. Our guests’ voices has been the driving force of all innovation, and we plan to keep it that way!

The only remaining question is: Where will you be? In the middle of the action or on the bench?