The Choice Is Yours

Surrounded by the bustling Rosenthaler Platz, there’s a whole range of culinary options right at the front door of the Circus. From Mexican, Korean, Chinese to Turkish, Israeli cuisine, to pizza and pasta and some of the best burgers in Town – there’s something for everyone in Mitte.

And also, our hotel and hostel offer everything your heart desires: our unbeatable breakfast at The Circus Café in the hostel, and, last but not least, our home-brewed craft beer straight from the Circus Hostel Brewing Co.! Brewmaster Heiko provides our guests with delicious beer sorts (pils, amber, ale – you name it) all year round.

On the ground floor of our apartment house, you'll also find ostPost, your Eastern European corner of Berlin. Stop by and relax with homemade cakes, authentic Eastern European delicacies, multilingual books and events.