Over a sunny weekend in Berlin, head chef Roman Bigalke and his team headed to Rahnsdorf in the south east of the city to ride some boats and have a picnic. As you can imagine, the quality of the picnic was beyond most ordinary efforts, and all the rest of us at the Circus can say is “why weren’t we invited?”

Still, it is a lovely corner of the city and if anyone is interested in making the most of the good weather and exploring the lake down there you can find out more about the boat rental here. If you would rather keep your feet on dry land, the Müggelsee and its surroundings are also a great place for a walk, and all within the city limits of Berlin. Take the S-Bahn to Friedrichshagen or Rahnsdorf itself and go exploring.

Anne, Ariane and Jenny prepare to launch…


…but they are no match for the boys, captained by Bully and ably supported by Roman and Jan (out of pic)


Time for some tasty treats…


…and here is the happy gang all together