The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and love is most certainly in the air – especially here at the Circus!

Whether you are a current guest, former guest, friend or member of the Circus team you know we love you. We love finding out about you and sharing your knowledge and talents and hanging out with you. We know that you are the reason why we love what we do here and why it is our sole desire to make your trip more enjoyable and ultimately, we hope, unforgettable.

After 20 years of happy guests, both old and returning, it is certainly very humbling to read your positive reviews online and there really is no nicer feeling than you telling us directly how much you enjoyed your time staying with us, and about all the cool experiences you had and the awesome folks you met whilst at the Circus, be it making new friends on one of our behind the curtain events or throwing back a couple of cold ones at the Hostel Brewing Co.

We have to say though, being the hapless romantics we are, when this email landed in our inbox, we were quite literally beaming from the inside out and letting the tears of joy roll (with no shame), because after all, it’s not every day that you go on holiday and find the one, but that is exactly what happened for Tasha and here is her Circus Berlin love story:

My name is Tasha, I’m from London, I stayed at the Circus Hostel three years ago in June. One night I was sitting outside and this American guy started talking to me. He made me laugh more than anyone else I’d met, and he was smart and friendly, with lovely brown eyes. We talked for a few hours and it felt like we were old friends. He left the next day and I went back to London a few days later, but we became friends on Facebook and messaged each other at least once a week, then every day, and spoke on skype every Sunday. He was in the US army, and in November he deployed to Iraq for 9 months, but we still continued to speak whilst he was away.

I’d been happily living my single life in London, and he was content being on his own too, but after a few months we realised, uh oh…We’re in love! I guess what the heart wants what the heart wants! In September 2015, once he was back at his base in Texas, I went to see him. He then came to the UK, met my family and we even took a trip to Venice! When he returned to the USA we juggled timezones and long working hours to make sure we could talk every day, even if just for an hour, saving money and holidays so we could meet up every couple of months and together we visited Las Vegas, Chicago and Copenhagen together!

All the effort paid off – in December 2015 we got engaged and in September 2016 I was finally able to join him and we are now married and living in Chicago! We got married in City Hall, just the two of us, then went on a sunset boat tour and went to our favourite pizza place for dinner, it was so much fun!

I’ve stayed in other hostels but none of them had the same welcoming, communal atmosphere at the Circus did, which is what made it so possible to meet so many fascinating people from around the world. Without that I would have never met my husband and we wouldn’t have the life we have together now. So thank you very much for being so great.

Well. To that all we can say, other than congratulations, is thank you for being so great and letting us be part of your Berlin story…

In fact that really goes for all of you – whether you are a current guest, former guest, friend or member of the Circus team: thank you for being so great, we love you.

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