Whether your ticket already has Berlin stamped all over the destination field, or you’re still deciding where to go this spring, here are a couple of cool things happening in Berlin this May that might help make up your mind! And although spring in Berlin has a terrible reputation of always arriving to the party way too late, this year we’ve been beyond lucky with both the temperatures and the amount of sunshine our faces have happily been soaking in!

So, let’s not drag it any further. Here’s our list of top 5 free things to do in Berlin this May:

Myfest May 1st, Kreuzberg

Yes, yes, it has passed, but we did give you a little list of stuff to prepare for, so don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up… If you were there, you don’t need any explaining. If you weren’t, one word is enough to explain everything. Crowded. So much so, in fact, that Görlitzer Park got closed before anyone was even properly drunk! No harm no foul though, there were enough streets and canals around Kreuzberg to make up for the lost cause of Görli. Street performers delivered as always, and our absolute favorite was the selfie ladder that charged up to 1€ for a photo. Talk about a business module!

Photo Credit: Berliner Kurier

International Museum Day, Berlin May 13th

If you’re into museums, this is the time to be in Berlin! From free entrances to interactive programs, it’s the best Sunday to spend exploring many museums of Berlin. From Museum Island of Mitte, to Jewish Museum in Kreuzberg, you’ll find something on almost every corner. And when you’re done soaking up culture, why not unwind with Berlin’s favorite Sunday activity – digging up treasures at countless flea markets all over the city!

Flea markets, flea markets and more flea markets, As long as the weather is nice, Berlin

When sun comes out in Berlin it brings the whole gang with it! By gang we everything and anything you can find at flea markets that cover at least one square in each of the city’s disctricts. From bikes to lamps, paintings and second hand clothes, you can equip your entire life in one afternoon! And don’t forget to put your haggling hat on, this is the place to get your stuff dirt cheap. And make sure you bring a strong friend, those chandeliers can get heavy… And do not even think of skipping Mauerpark, missing the Karaoke madness feels like sleeping through Northern lights in Iceland. You’ll be drowning in guilt for months to come…

Additional perk, they are the only market open on Sundays!

Karneval Der Kulturen, June 8th – 10th, Berlin

Berlin’s second craziest May-day (right after Myfest), the name of this one is pretty self-explanatory. Expect loads of people, crazy outfits and crazier amounts of day drinking. It’s a one-of-a-kind celebration that will leave you wondering if you are in Berlin or Brasil. And you won’t have to worry about Instagram for months, that’s how much cool shots you’ll get!

Torstrassen Festival, June 8th-10th, Torstrasse, Berlin Mitte

If there was ever a reason to stay in Mitte for 3 days on end, then that reason is called Torstrasse Festival! Every bar, café, concept store and inner courtyard will turn into a party place where you can enjoy musical performances, good food, great drinks, and amazing people! Best part? It’s free! Except for the food and drinks part, let’s not get carried away, there are bills that must be payed…

But the list doesn’t end here. We tried to make it simple by sticking to 5 options, but if you find none of our suggestions appealing, there tons of other things to make this May the best one you’ve ever had! Like endless lakes for swimming (without stepping outside of Berlin’s city borders), countless parks and forests for walking, biking or just staring at the sky through the trees, day trips to get away from the city noise, public barbequing spots, oh it goes on and on. Really, summer in Berlin is so packed with things to do you might get infected with F.O.M.O. simply because you cannot cover it all!

And that’s why you have to come back next year…