When you work in hospitality, there are many ways to build your individual concept. You can go with the budget-friendly option. Or, you can do the complete opposite and be a luxurious and pampering one. Many go for the middle, which is how boutique hotels came into existence. As for The Circus, we took a little bit of each and chose to go for a unique combination. With three houses and three levels of accommodation, our goal was to cater to all needs and offer The Circus experience to everyone, regardless of their personal preferences.

We are happy and proud to say that our vision has stayed intact since day one and has proven to be a successful! Because, as difficult as constant improvement might seem, it’s the maintenance that’s the tricky part. It doesn’t matter how creative and innovative you are if you can’t sustain it. And today, we are here to give you a peek behind what it takes to build and, more importantly, maintain a concept that will not only survive the stamp of time but keep the momentum going too!

How we changed

If you read our previous post, you’ll know a little bit about how we changed over the years. You might also notice that those changes didn’t follow a pattern. We went from an actual circus theme to a design that combined the old soul of Berlin with the new design trends. Each transformation was unique in its own way, and as different as they might be, there is one thing that unites them all:
Every change we ever made was fueled by your feedback!

Why we changed

And that’s our big secret to success. Not really rocket science, it might sound like the simplest rule to follow, but in reality, it’s much more difficult than you might expect. One, you need to be a really good listener and (this is the tricky part), you have to be able to recognize not just what needs to change, but how it needs to change! Because it’s easy to point out the bad, the tough part is figuring out how to make it better. Ever heard of that saying: “Critisizm without alternative suggestions is just destructive behavior.” So, to cut to the chase, here we are today, fully immersed into the Future Circus project, presenting you the first changes you helped us make!

What’s different

The Circus Hostel’s third and fourth floors have already seen a major bathroom makeover, including all facilities, showers, mirrors, lights, and, most importantly, the acrobats on the ceilings! This is our personal favorite detail, so don’t be shocked if you run into a member of our staff randomly staring at a bathroom ceiling. Just kidding, that would never happen….maybe…anyway, here’s a peek!

What’s new

Another important feature we found needed a makeover were the hallways. If you’ve ever stayed with us, you know how long and curvy they can get. That’s what happens when you have the entire street corner buildng to yourself! So to make the stroll to your room more fun, we added some flair to the walls. Each floor is a different color, and you will have to stay tuned to find out which color we picked for each. Let’s not spoil the fun by revealing all at once! So here’s one from the third floor, if you haven’t noticed by now, the color we chose is green. And if you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen the one we chose for the fourth…
Bottom line is: If you think your voice is lost in the noise, think again! Because we are definitely listening! Your voices are loud and clear and they are the driving force behind The Circus!


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