If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
…goes the African proverb.

When our team first sat down and brainstormed about the Future Circus project, one thing kept coming up over and over. Collaboration. Sure, there was a lot of planning, drawing, number crunching, but when it came to creative, it was clear that our strongest asset are our people. Bringing their unique skills together has been The Circus mantra since day one and it’s proven to be successful so far. So why change a good thing?

As for the design concept, we went over more options than we can remember. Ideas were flying around, we were getting overwhelmed… Then someone suggested to unite forces with an external expert. It struck a chord, so we gave it a shot. We brought together our Head Designer of The Circus, Sandra Ernst, and Llot Llov’s Head Designer, Jacob Brinck. The result? Instant success! Sandra brought the image we loved and cherished for the last 20 years, and Jacob brought the spark of innovation. They say progress comes from thinking outside of the box. Let’s say we took that box to the recycling bin…

But enough about us! We’ve introduced the minds behind the design, it’s time to give the stage to the creatives. Improvements are about half way done and we believe this is the perfect time to sit down with Jacob and look at the project through his designer eyes.

So, Jacob, Future Circus is definitely a project of epic proportions. Is it your first time designing for a hostel?

Yes. This is the first Hostel project we’ve worked on, though not the first time we’ve worked with The Circus. This project is the third one we’ve worked on together.

What was your biggest challenge?

The dimensions. We did the concept for all floors…we’re talking about a lot of square meters here!
Another one was making sure we followed safety guidelines while doing something fun at the same time. That’s a challenge on its own!

Which piece in the portfolio are you most proud of?

It’s difficult to pick just one piece. With this project we felt more connected to our earlier work. The greenhouse inspired dining area of the restaurant at The Circus Hotel is a good example. We used the wood structure to connect the corridor with the dining room and the outdoor terrace.

As for the Hostel, I’d say one of the keypieces in the wet rooms is the wallpaper. We worked together with a graphic designer on the design and the result is very entertaining. The idea is that while brushing their teeth, guests can enjoy a show that is taking place over their heads!

How did you find inspiration for this project, who was your muse?

The concept for the corridors and the bathrooms came from the Circus itself. We like the idea to see the Hostel as an actual Circus, where people from all over the world come together. We focused the most on the era of the 20’s.

The core idea is that the guests of the Hostel are a part of the show, they are not just the viewers, they are the acts. Magicians, clowns, knife throwers, dressage etc…everyone has a part. The show takes place in the corridors, you can almost call it an arena. The graphics against the wall and the light installation illustrates the arena. The reception is the ringmaster of the show and the housekeeping the orchestra, they keep the show running.

Are you happy with the results?

We are very happy with the results and hope you are too. 😉

Stay tuned as the project moves forward, we’ll keep you posted on our blog, Instagram and Facebook!