If you read last Thursday’s post, you probably saw some weird acrobats walking on ropes all over our bathroom ceilings. They’re kind of hard to miss…and easy to stare at. You may or may not leave with random toothpaste stains all over your jammies…don’t say we didn’t warn you…

And that’s just the beginning! Because this Christmas, we’re pulling out all the stops! This Christmas, we are going all out! This Christmas at The Circus, it’s go big or go home!

Whoa, that escalated quickly! Let’s take a breath, shall we? Ok, back to the story.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, it didn’t build itself either! Great projects need great minds, and we made sure we got ours. As you may know, we are suckers for innovation. Call us the Jane Fonda of hostels (though we won’t be launching any aerobics tapes any time soon)…

We pulled a little designer matchmaking scheme and we’d say we did well, very well indeed!

Jacob from Llot Llov (on the left) and Sandra from The Circus (the other mystery face behind the project) are working together on the biggest Circus Hostel innovation project ever!

We teamed them up, but they teamed up right back at us, and keep refusing to give us details of the progress! Well played, Team Design, well played…


But patience is definitely NOT our virtue and we tried to get some insider intel from Sandra anyway.  Here’s what she was willing to share…

Sandra, you’ve been behind our design for a long time. Is this your biggest innovation project so far?

It is definitey one of the biggest! We did a round of renovations and improvements of the Hostel in 2012 and 2013 that included 75 rooms, the Café & The Bar. 2015 was all about the transformation of our old Fabisch restaurant into a brand new lounge area shared by The Circus and Commonground guests.

What was your biggest challenge?

We always change but we never close down for it. Renovations took place while the Hostel was fully booked, so we’re talking a lot of time pressure! Everything had to run extra smoothly. We basically redesigned 3 rooms in 4 days. Then there was the coordination of everyone involved. The painting company, the electrician, the carpenter, the furniture deliveries, taylors for curtains, then decorations installation, the final set up of the rooms and, finally, housekeeping & maintainance, the list goes on and on! A big thank you goes out to all of them, they really did an amazing job!

Which piece in your portfolio are you most proud of?

It’s hard to say…I really love the little roof shaped wall panels with integrated lights and usb docks above most beds in the rooms. And the wall-colors, I am very happy with those. But the best part for me was that with this investment I didn’t have to compromise and had the creative freedom to make the rooms look more complete & well rounded.

How did you find inspiration for this project, who was your muse?

I am constantly working on room improvements to continue making them better and more enjoyable for our guests. A big part of my inspiration comes from our guests’ feedback. Traveling has changed a lot over the last 10 years and I love how it has opened a new opportunity for us to meet our guest’s needs and wants!

Are you happy with the results?

Yes, but it’s never enough! I’m already planning the next great improvement! 😉

The Circus is always changing – it almost feels like post-renovation is pre-another renovation…so don’t go anywhere, the big day is coming soon!