When you hear the word “circus”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Stripy tents, exotic animals, clowns that scare you more than they make you laugh (thank you, Stephen King)? Or is it those bright colored, in-your-face posters? Whenever I think of a circus, I think about how they never stay in one place long – always on the go, always changing…

Circus to me means movement.

And just like our name suggests, The Circus is a place that never sleeps. From day one, “Success is a journey, not a destination” has been our moto, and today we are proud to officially announce an epic makeover project to celebrate our hostel’s 20th birthday!

We named the project Future Circus. Because it describes it so perfectly. We’re bringing together the old and the new, the crazy and the cool, the pretty and the bold. We’re taking the authentic Circus image to the next level. And we want to make it really special. So we’re trying something we’ve never done before.

But first, a twist!

It’s been 20 years. Things changed. Walls moved, mirrors broke. But one thing stayed the same: our people are our driving force. From our staff through our guests to you reading this, we always put relationships first. And we love it. So much so, in fact, that we’ve decided to give you an exclusive chance to become a part of our new look! Since medieval times called the 90s we’ve welcomed more guests than we can count. Some of them (most of them) shared with us your stories, speacial skills and unusual talents. Today, we are giving all of you an opportunity to show off your interior design skills and make your design a part of our Hostel!

The winner of the competition will get a unique opportunity to redesign two room categories on the second, third and fourth floor of our beloved Hostel.

AND because we love making things easy, here’s a checklist with all the deats:

  1. You will use our existing design for the floors and bathrooms as a guideline
  2. You will read and follow our Competition Guidelines
  3. You will create a design project in whichever format you love most
  4. You will send your application by December 8th at the latest

And if your mind is still buzzing with questions, email us, call us or come and grab a beer with us, we’d love to give you all the info you need!

Now close your laptop and get cracking!