It’s too darn hot!  Well not no more…

You fried, we cried and then after a particularly toasty summer we spent the winter season exploring different solutions to keep our rooms cool on those hot Berlin days and nights.

It seems the existing installed fans and sun-protective curtains just couldn’t stand the heat for those street-facing rooms, but we are pleased to announce that we are totally prepared for the new summer season, and have introduced innovative new technology to reduce the room temperature: 3M Prestige Exterior sun-protection film on our windows – as well as three different styles of high quality designer fans from FARO for the rooms.

The 3M Prestige Exterior 70 sun protection film works by limiting the passage of heat from the outside to the inside. Previous variants of such film used metals within them and tinted (and thus darkened) the windows.

With our new solution, the Circus Hotel now boasts metal-free, untinted film on all our street-facing room windows – which means you can keep cool in the heat and most importantly, keep those cool Berlin street views in sight from our stylish location!

This clear film, the first of its kind on the market, is made up of over 200 ultra-thin layers and is manufactured using 3M’s patented nanotechnology process. The result? A UV light rejection of 99.9% and the blockage of 60% of solar energy, which will result in a 5 degree reduction in temperature in the rooms, and the technology works hardest when the sun is at its hottest. Fischer Sicherheitssysteme, a company who specialize in providing film and coating technology solutions helped us realise this ambitious project.

Complementing our new window heat-reduction-systems are our specially designed installation fans by Spanish brand, FARO.

Each fan is operated using a convenient remote control – which also controls the lights.  The fans have three different speed levels to help adjust the desired cooling effect to your needs and help support a more comfortable nights sleep and time in your room during the day.

These stylish lamps come in different designs, so we could choose a fan to fit the different aesthetic of our uniquely styled boutique rooms.

Here comes the Summer!


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