As dedicated travelers ourselves, we know the importance of wifi whilst traveling, and we know how important it is for you to be connected and stay connected. Whether it be for business or pleasure, you guys depend on a solid connection for everything from checking out local events, booking flights and onwards travel, letting your loved ones know you arrived safely at your destination, Skyping into business calls… uploading your Instagram pics to show your mates back home how enviable your life is compared to theirs…swiping right for a little cheeky on-vacay-must-be-ok-tinder tourism… (we all do it, no judging here.)

In fact, dependable internet access is so crucial to today’s traveler that the very idea of checking into a hotel or hostel without wifi is not only totally inconceivable but darn right archaic – when surveyed, most people said they would rather give up sex, chocolate, and even showers than go without data.

Most hotels offer free WiFi but there is a usually a limit of about 100 Mega Bytes, our new high-speed fibre optic wifi not only surpasses that (even surpassing our own previous limits by 400%), but we can proudly boast that with a download speed of 492.65 Mega Bytes, we now have the fastest wifi in Berlin!

Now guests at the Circus Hostel can stay, surf and swipe to their heart’s content. This is just one of the many ways we are making life on the road even more pleasurable for you… because we know what matters most to you and your happiness is what matters most to us. Kowabunga.