That wonderful heat wave we had in February had us all hoping this year is the year we’re finally avoiding the harsh winter Berlin has a bit of a reputation for. This year, spring is arriving early! And then winter heard us and  dropped the temperature so low so fast, we barely had time to pull our hats on! But then something magical happened. Not really a city you visit for the sun, the last few weeks have seen Berlin become exactly that! Clear blue skies and sunshine so strong you had to pull your sunglasses from the summer box in the storage. And not only that! It’s got everyone out and about absorbing that vitamin D, and our team was no exception! We got our warmest boots on and hopped on a westbound train. The cold was real, but a road trip in the sun? We wouldn’t miss it for the world! Just look at this landscape!

Well, the whole bunk bed redesign has been cooking for a while, and when our carpenter called to say the first concept bed is ready, we jumped on it, completely ignoring the train chaos what ice caused just the day before! His name is Andreas, and his business is carpentry. Three generations of perfecting the craft, three generations of transforming raw material into top quality furniture. Sassenberg is the place, and Rüter Tischlerei is the sign we were looking for.

And because we are so terrible at keeping things to ourselves, we’re sharing our day with you. 14h of train hopping, bed inspecting, photo snapping and cozying up next to the fire. And the inevitable beer on the ride back. When in Germany… It was the perfect mixture of team building, hands freezing and nature exploring, and we can’t wait to do it again! Maybe wait for spring. Just maybe…

Back to the bed. We’ve mentioned before that we keep your reviews in the core of our design changes and upgrades. So we teamed up with our trusted carpenter partner, Andreas Rüter, who has collaborated with us in the past, so we knew we were partnering with the best. Quality is something we are not willing to compromise, so that was a big prerequisite we had to secure before taking things further. Another big box that needed ticking was that the bed absolutely and unmistakably had to be produced locally. Rüter Tischlerei operates with the core message of “Locally sourced – locally produced”, so that meant that with Andreas, we really got everything we asked for, so it was no big deal to go all the way to the other corner of the country (and if you know Germany you know what a monster size country it is)!

And the final result? We are very happy with it. Very, very happy! True craftsmanship hides in the details, and once we took a closer look at the bed it was clear we’d picked the right man for the job. Every curve, connection and transition from metal to wood, every bolt and fixture was perfectly installed, connected and implemented. Just look at that smoothness! And yes, we’re saving the whole image for last, although we know the first thing you did when you opened this article was scroll all the way down to see what the end product looks like.

What’s next? Andreas is doing the final touch ups and sending the bed to our hometown, where we can see how it fits into our dorms. We’ll, of course, keep you updated as it happens, because by now it goes without saying that our patience is on the level of a five-year-old. At least with us you can count on being updated in real time all the time!


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