The crossing at Rosenthalerplatz is one of the most iconic parts of the city and since 1999, in some shape or form, we have called this hood our home.

Of course, before us, the star-shaped crossing was witness to the many changing faces of Berlin: shrapnel pocketed facades wore the scars of two World Wars, the arrival of the Soviets painted a desolate and sepia-toned scene of post-WW2 Mitte: the once bustling shopping thoroughfare replaced with empty store windows and neglected buildings, overshadowed and closely overseen by the gigantic Orwellianesque, equally cursed and blessed TV Tower – a symbol of the Cold War, erected at a time when the thought on every citizen’s mind in the intensely Stasi-surveyed DDR wondered if Big Brother was indeed watching them. To add further confusion, our beloved fernsehturm appeared to resemble a giant disco-ball on a stick… perhaps less 1984 professing, but more awaiting the hordes of techno hungry ravers of the 90s that were soon to come bounding through Berlin’s now open gates, proceeded earlier by the spray-can wielding punks of West Berlin and today, by the turmeric-latte toting hipsters and thousands of annual visitors, drawn to this most unusual and remarkable of cities, like we were back then.

Over the last 20 years we have had the honour of not only witnessing these changes (and documenting them in our mish-mash-memoir and spectacular A-Z, the Circus Sammelsurium), but actually being part of these changes too, proudly staking claim, with the Circus Hostel and Microbrewery on the Weinbergweg side of the crossing and our luxe design concept Circus Hotel winking over from the Rosenthalerstrasse side of the street.

Now, after months of dreaming, planning and construction we are delighted to reveal our latest and so far, most ambitious development in our #futurecircus series of advancements: The Big Top Marquee at the Circus Hotel!

As stage one of the project is completed, we caught up competition winner, Jeremy Germe, part of dynamic Paris duo Pseudonyme, the art-led, urban engineering architects and masterminds behind the birth of this concept.

Jeremy! This journey has been incredible, tell us, how did the idea come about for the nCircus Marquee? 

It’s the concretization of a project launched almost a year ago. First, it was an international competition for which our project was finalists. After the final jury, we had the chance to be winners of the competition! From there we developed the project, worked with engineers and specialists in steel – it was a great team working to develop all the technical solutions. After all these efforts the project is finally being assembled on the facade of the hotel.

What can we expect?

In the coming weeks, the perception of the Circus Hotel facade will evolve progressively with the installation of the project. The project consists of a metal sheet of more than 22 meters in length – entirely polished. With this mirroring effect, the marquee will reflect and enhance the whole façade of The Circus Hotel.

Where did the inspiration come from?

The project is directly inspired by the hotel logo. Portions of arcs are crossing and intersecting each other to draw a marquee. The fine structure is covered with stainless steel. It reflects and distorts the city life, creating an immersive staging of Berlin.

How will the design and concept effect our guests and the people in this area of Rosenthalerplatz?

The project will change the perception of the hotel façade! Throughout the seasons the project plays different functions. In summer and in spring, the marquee creates a shadow that protects people from the sun. In fall and winter, the project becomes a sculpture, sheltering people from rain and snow.

At every moment of the year, the perception of the marquee will be different. The metal sheets will reflect the seasonal changes and the whole environment of Berlin. Every guest that visits will have an entirely new perception of the hotel, whilst creating an iconic landmark in the city.

What an incredible project to be part of! 

This is our first project in Berlin and this is a unique opportunity for us. In fact, I had the chance to study for a year in the UdK Berlin. This year of immersion fascinated me for the history of the city and its architecture. We hope that this first realization will offer us the opportunity to develop new projects in Berlin.

Excited? you should be! Stay tuned as we reveal the final stages of the Circus marquee by keeping up to date with our blog,  Facebook  and Instagram