The skies have cleared, the clouds all but gone and the sun is finally shining after what seems like possibly the wettest week in Berlin history. But as you sip your chilled prosecco, enjoying a moment of pure presence and indulging in one of life’s most simple and wonderful pleasures (drinking in the sunshine on holiday), with only the faint sounds of the city and the Berlin skyline to keep you company, you and we see that the wait and the work has indeed all been worth it… welcome to the newest addition to our staggering property-wide renovation project at the Circus: The Circus Hotel Rooftop Honesty Bar. 

In May we were happy to announce that our rooftop was open again for the Summer season at the Circus Hotel and that our remarkably talented and innovative designer Sandra Ernst had been working tirelessly to make our vision for our Honesty Bar come to life, joining forces once more with our partners at Steeltown.

The different seating concepts have your pleasure in mind, considering the many ways you will enjoy your down (or up in the air time) on the roof terrace, including sun loungers for catching rays and high bar stools with incredible direct views of the iconic TV Tower, Berliner Dom and Neue Synagoge, ideal for enjoying a beautiful Berlin sunset.

Now you may be wondering just what is an Honesty Bar and how does it work? The idea is simple: without the need for any staff, you are free to help yourselves to anything you like from the fridge be it a soft drink or alcoholic, fill out the slips provided telling us what you had and then you have the choice to either pay with cash directly into the box at the bar, or have your drinks charged to your room.

And why did we choose to do this? Well, like everything we do at the Circus, for your convenience and your comfort. By forfeiting a bartender and bar we were able to utilise the area to add more seating options for you to enjoy this exclusive space, intended for Circus Hotel guests.

And as for us? We believe in the honesty system. We’ve been doing this for the last 3 years and are convinced that if you treat people fairly, they treat you fairly too, I don’t know about you but I’ll drink to that every time.

Make sure you keep an eye on the events boards throughout the Circus Hotel, Hostel and apartments and ask reception about our bi-weekly yoga classes on the roof and exclusive literary and music events that are open to all Circus guests. 


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