Future Circus has been going on for so long we can’t remember a time before it started. It’s become an integral part of Circus life. We like that. You should too. Because after a long winter of planning, sketching and designing, we’ve finally entered an unusually warm spring (with the exception of today’s storm in the making) with a new and improved…everything. From lobby and reception area, through rooms and hallways, and all the way to bathrooms, The Circus Hostel is getting a full on, nothing-gets-left-out makeover, and we are continuing the tradition of sharing it all with you. It’s been working so well until now, so why change a good thing?

So far, you’ve witnessed the competition for our new bunk bed and sample rooms design, you’ve followed us as we traveled to the opposite part of Germany for our carpenter visit, you’ve watched us build and integrate the bunk-beds into our rooms. If you were fast, maybe you were one of the first guests to actually try them out and experience what sleeping in Perfect Dorm is like firsthand.

Today, we are moving a few floors down, to the entrance and lobby area to give you a glimpse of what you’ll see next time you step inside our hostel. We’ve also had a couple of additions to our famously friendly and helpful staff. It’s all still spanking new and even the staff who watched the whole process day in day out gets excited every morning walking into the office (or late afternoon, we’re a 24/7 kinda place, no official working hours here)!

For those of you not familiar with the before, here are a few highlights of what’s new:

  1. We’ve installed a new fancy elevator so you don’t have to cough out your lungs if your room is on the top floor. Because we occupy an entire building, and if you know Berlin architecture, you know that buildings here are BIG. So that’s perk number 1.
  2. We’ve refreshed the reception area. It’s brighter and easier to spot as soon as you set your foot through the door. We especially like how the new lamps light up the faces of our Rezi squad, it makes their smiles so shiny!
  3. We’ve redecorated the lounge area with an art piece you can’t help staring at. Or maybe you can. We haven’t been able to. There’s just something about the light playing with the reflection of the trees outside in the mirrors that just grabs you and doesn’t let you go.
  4. We’ve added new members to our amazing Rezi squad. Meet Richie and Allan. They are as friendly as they look, the smiles are genuine (we promise) and they are just as Berlin-savvy as the rest of the team. Because if you want to be a part of The Circus, that’s kind of a prerequisite. If your job is to help our guests explore it, you’d better know this city inside out!
  5. A random photo of Tori, just because we love the way she laughs. If you’re lucky to have her check you in, you’ll see what we mean. Until then, here’s a preview:

There’s more stuff coming, of course, it’s us, once we get the improvement bug it doesn’t stop at one project. Or two. Or three. Let’s just say we’ve still got a lot of Future Circus titles coming up and we’re not mad about it. So stay tuned, or even better, come over and see what we’ve done in person! We’ve got smiles waiting to welcome you and make your Berlin stay unforgettable. All you gotta do is book your ticket!